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The M.V. Kimanis.

M.V. Kimanis


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19 06 2010

I would appreciate if someone could enlighten me with the name KIMANIS of its origion and meaning. Thanks.

15 01 2011
Richard Ker

My family sailed on this once from Tawau, Sabah to Singapore in 1970’s… I wasn’t born yet

10 03 2012

In reply to your query, all Strait Steamship vessels, bar the Rajah Brooke, were named after places in Malaysia. Kimanis is a place in Sabah.

7 01 2014
Abdul Hamid Hussin

There were 3 other sister ships named after the towns of Sabah namely MV Keningau, MV Kunak dan MV Kinabalu. The ply the Sabah-Singapore route regularly. I travelled by MV Kinabalu in 1965 to go to Sabah with stops at Pending,Kuching, Miri and Labuan. The passport was chopped at Labuan

28 06 2015
Mat Salleh

I know those vessels well having worked as a seaman since the early 60s till retirement. As far as I have heard, there are no steamers or ferries plying the Sabah/Sarawak – Semenanjung route anymore. I had looked forward to taking the trip after my retirement. Only to be told that this way of traveling is now obsolete. That was a big disappointment..

3 07 2015
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

What were your experiences of the vessels Mat Salleh? It is such a shame this way of going across to Borneo isn’t possible anymore, it would be a really nice way to see the part of the world in one’s retirement.

25 10 2018
Abu Bakar Omar

MV Kimanis and sisterships Keningau and Kunao belonged to the Straits Steamship Company based in Singapore. These were cargo ships that carried passengers both in the deck as well as the cabin class. The ships were famous among the student teachers of Gaya Teachers College in the years of 1967 till 1970. These students were sent to Kota Kinabalu embarking the ships either through Rardine Steps or Collier Quay. The ships anchored off the harbour loading or unloading the cargo and it could only be reached using motorised sampans. The journey was an adventure itself crossing the South China Sea to Pending in Kuching and later to Miri, Labuan and finally Kota Kinabalu. The duration for the entire journey was a week. We saw both calm seas as well as mountainous waves. The experience was nostalgic and personally none of the present young generations would be able to experience such adventure. Those passengers like me are now in their late sixties and early seventies.

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