Memories of my maternal grandmother (II): Burung Kakatua

9 01 2010

In between P. Ramlee and Pontianak movies in black and white … I would sit by the high green wrought iron four poster bed listening to the stories my grandmother would relate … and from behind the opening of the kelambu (mosquito net) drapped over the posts she would often sing a song which was a favourite of hers, a song that I learnt to sing by singing along with her, a song in Bahasa Indonesia about a Cockatoo (Burung Kakatua):

Burung Kakatua
Menclok di jendela
Nenek sudah tuah
Giginya tinggal dua
Letrum Letrum Letrum ooh la la
Letrum Letrum Letrum ooh la la
Letrum Letrum Letrum ooh la la
Burung Kakatua

My maternal grandmother and me, MacRitchie Reservoir, 1969



2 responses

14 08 2010

What a wonderful memory! The photo of your grandma reminded me of my own, my grandmother from the paternal side. The motherly look and the ‘nyonya custume’ …. I wonder if ppl still use ‘kelambu’ nowadays:)

For those who are born in Indonesia, the song Burung Kakatua is a real legend:)

15 08 2010
The wondering wanderer

Thanks for your comments Lois! Glad that the photo of my grandma reminded you of your own … it is these memories that we should treasure! 😀 I don’t think anyone uses the “kelambu” any more in built up Singapore … but I suspect that you might find that it would still be used in some of the rural parts of the region … and the song Burung Kakatua is certainly a real legend! 😀

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