The Vega: A historical top sail ketch built in 1893

19 04 2010

I had the opportunity of going onboard a delightful little ketch, the Vega, at the recently concluded Boat Asia 2010. The pictures I have seen of the Vega, which is 117 year old, in full sail, conjures up images of salt seasoned seamen in oilskins braving the elements and the tempestuous seas, but seeing it at berth among the luxury cabin cruisers on display at  the boat show, the trimaran mega yacht White Rabbit Echo and the under construction Reflections at Keppel Bay forming the backdrop, seemed somewhat surreal.

The Vega is a historical ketch built in Norway in 1893.

The Vega's bow.

The Vega was restored in 1995 and flies the Maltese Flag.

The Vega, with its hull of teak, oak and pine, which was built originally as an open decked stone and slate carrier in 1893 in Hardanger, Norway, and rebuilt in 1905, trading on routes that took it along the coast of Norway and Sweden, is in excellent condition, having been restored in Denmark in 1995. A deck has been added and accommodation designed by the owner’s wife has been placed in what were the cargo holds, transforming the underdeck area into a delightful and cosy living space.

Principal Particulars of the Vega.

The Vega as she was as a top sail ketch (Source.

The Vega is currently being put to a noble cause and is involved in humanitarian missions, delivering food and medical supplies to the less accessible places such as the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea during the aftermath of the Tsunami, and is said to sail 10,000 nautical miles annually. It is currently crewed by her owner Captain Shane Granger, his wife and another crew member. More information on the Vega and her missions can be found at her website.

The Vega in full sail.

The Vega is used to deliver humanitarian aid to hard to access areas in need, such as in the Solomon Islands in the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami.

Blocks and tackle.

A tender carried at the stern.

Contributions for the upkeep and missions the Vega are involved in are most welcomed.

Throttle control.

The helm.

More tackle ...

The tool rack.


The galley.

Implements of the galley.

Glasses on the rack.

Sundries ...

The fo'c'sle store / accommodation.

Cosy and comfortable Captain's quarters aft of the engine room.

The Heads.

View of the Ketch at berth.

Main deck of the ketch.



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21 04 2010

What a beutiful “Lady”. You have awesome photos. I like the variety of them with many details.

I do not know if You saw this:

It is a beauty also.

Here are those old ships which are passing on our lakes:

Here are photos from a cruise on one of that really old ship:

In future I am making a post about one saling ship we have in Finland. It will have very personal touch, because then I am telling about my late dad.

Thank You for Your posts.

22 04 2010
The wondering wanderer

Thanks for your kind comments. She is a beautiful lady indeed! Awesome photos once again at your posts! Thanks! Love the ones with the Gotheborg especially – the Gotheborg looks magnificent. I was visiting Gothenburg quite a fair bit during the reconstruction project in the late 1990s and was well aware of it – never did get a chance to have a look then … so it is nice to be acquainted with the ship :). Love the photos of the classic boats too on your two other posts! We don’t get to see classic boats like that in my part of the world! Nice! Thanks! Look forward to you upcoming post!

22 04 2010
Historical Vessel Vega

WOW! That was some very good work you did. And to think you managed those great images during all the madness of the boat show. Good work keep it up.

23 04 2010
The wondering wanderer

Thanks for the feedback. I guess I caught a lull period, which gave me a wonderful opportunity to admire your beautiful boat at leisure. I have to also thank you and your crew for the opportunity to visit and for your kind hospitality, particularly the friendly lady who showed me around, and had the patience to answer my questions. I really enjoyed my visit very much and look forward to the next opportunity. I also have to add it is wonderful to see how the boat is being put to use! Keep up the great work! 🙂

23 04 2010
Historical Vessel Vega

Great stuff for sure. We are at Raffles Marina now for the next few days getting ready to leave to start this years round of humanitarian work. You are welcome to visit us here and perhaps get a few more good shots.


23 04 2010
The wondering wanderer

Thanks Shane for extending the invitation to visit you – not sure if I can make it this time around as I am working this weekend. When do you set sail?

26 10 2010
H/V Vega

Just to let you know we are back at Raffles again for a while and you are always welcome for another visit. Will be here until the 9th Nov.

29 10 2010
The wondering wanderer

Thanks … I might just do so on the 5th if it is ok with you … mind if I bring a few people along?

31 10 2010

Sure see you then always nice to meet new friends

1 11 2010
The wondering wanderer

Thanks – will see you soon! 🙂

6 11 2010
A date with a 117 year old « The Long and Winding Road

[…] she will be deployed as a press boat. It was my second visit to the historic top sail ketch which I first visited in March of this year. The ketch has been wonderfully restored in 1995 having been built in 1893 as a stone carrying […]

12 11 2010

Nice work and good coverage of the boat. Great how you noticed so many of the small details that make Vega so nice. You can visit the Vega blog at there is a lot about her history and current work there.

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