Moments in space: Changzhou, China

25 06 2010

There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing and being able to immerse myself in the sights, smells, tastes and sounds of a new place. I enjy being able to do so, especially in much of Asia, where the streets are very much alive with people living their daily lives. There are times, however, when passing through a place, or on a working trip, when the situation does not permit me to do that, and I have to contend with looking from a distance, from a vantage point that provided me with some wonderful childhood memories – the backseat of a car.

Looking at the streets of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, from the backseat of a car.

Finding myself in Changzhou for a two day visit, and without much of an opportunity to do what I would like to have done, I could but only have an experience of the city through the windows of the backseat of the car, which was a pity as there is a lot more to see and feel of the sprawling industrial city in Jiangsu, with a bit of history and what is also the world’s tallest Pagoda. So it was that I became that child again, looking at wide avenues of Changzhou from a distance, looking at what I see around me with the curiousity of a child. It is wonderful these days to be able to so easily capture the images that I see, as I look at the world, even if it is difficult to manage a good photograph through the tinted, dust covered window of a moving vehicle. It doesn’t matter I suppose, as it provides me with the opportunity to freeze not just a moment in time, but to capture what I see in time and in space – what is to me that moment in space. Space and what we do see at any moment in space being very much influenced by the passage of time.

Looking from the backseat provides me with a reflection of how life is in a world other than my own.

Watching the world pass him by through the window of a bus.

A glimpse of life can be seen on the streets anywhere in the world, even from the vehicles parked on the streets.

Getting home to watch the World Cup?

The scene of a minor accident.

A two dimensional balancing act.

What's that doing up there?

Plastic pipes.

Anywhere is a good place for a shut-eye.

Including on a motorcycle!

Crossing the wide intersections in Changzhou can prove to be a challenge.

... especially if you need to text.

Public transport blues.

but ... there's an alternative waiting!

... or you could rely on the good old method of getting about ...

... or you could hitch a ride ...



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17 01 2013

Thank you for sharing, your post gives me a nice preview for my upcoming visit Changzhou this summer đŸ™‚

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