The glitzy and an Imperial Stormtrooper in an old powerstation

12 07 2010

The 10th of July saw the 2010 Singapore blog awards ceremony being held at Movida, St. James’ Powerstation, and the enjoyable afternoon ceremony saw the appearance an Imperial Stormtrooper in the shape of the Gordonator, as well as several dressed in glitzy outfits in an attempt to be spotted as a “Head Turner” or “Ultimate Bling”. The ceremony provided the opportunity for bloggers to mingle and also for many to put faces to the blogs that had made the finals. Attending the awards ceremony put me in touch with other bloggers and also gave me an opportunity to introduce a few to this blog. I guess all this makes blogging a lot more fun and I am certainly richer for the experience this has given me. Shortlisted for the EASB Best Individual Blog, the Long and Winding Road didn’t win it, with the award going to Ming Wei. I would like to take the opportunity to offer my congratulations to Ming Wei who is fighting against lymphatic cancer for her wonderful efforts and for the award! I would also like to take thank those who have supported me and given me encouragement and taken the effort to cast their votes for me. Thank you! I guess that as Ming Wei is unable to travel due to her condition and coming in second place in the category, I have the opportunity now to travel with the winning bloggers from the other categories to Hong Kong to catch the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival, courtesy of the Hong Kong Tourism Board.  So watch this space for that.

I would also like to share some photographs taken at the ceremony:

The 2010 Singapore Blog Awards ceremony was held at Movida on 10 July 2010.

The guests start to arrive.

The Gordonator makes an appearance.

She's well liked!

Certainly a Head Turner!

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