This time it is for real …

16 07 2010

There were a few with doubts after the few false starts we have had on the construction of the Sports Hub, but it does looked as if the time has really come for us to say goodbye to the Grand Old Lady. That is on the evidence of the report and photograph in the sports section of today’s Today newspaper. Having already said a fond farewell to her, and to the area around her for which I have many fond memories of from the days passing by on my way to the shipyard which I was attached to in nearby Jalan Benaan Kapal, and from the many sports events I have attended, of which the Malaysia Cup and more recently the Tiger Cup football matches would be at the top of the list, I somehow feel that I must say goodbye again. So goodbye my old friend … and thanks so much for the memories you have given to me and to Singapore.

The pitch has been stripped and ready for the bulldozers (source:

The stadium at the beginning of June this year.



4 responses

16 07 2010
Ivea Mark

Goodbye, Kallang Roar.

17 07 2010
The wondering wanderer

Yes, so long …

17 07 2010
peter long

All things good or bad will come to an end except that we hope the good things take a longer time to reach journeys end. I attended one of the concerts held by the late Michael Jackson at the National Stadium and though we paid a premium for the /better’ seats right in front of the stage, we all ended up standing on the chairs. The shorter people could not see much of the stage or Michael Jackson if those in front were taller. We envied those people in the ‘cheaper’ seats in the gallery. They had an unobstructed view of the show.

17 07 2010
The wondering wanderer

Yes all things will come to an end I guess … and yes, we certainly hope good things take a longer time to reach that end. Yes, I remember the concert – some of my friends attended it. Thanks for sharing your memories Peter! 🙂

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