Even mum knows who Alexander is!

21 08 2010

Caught up in the screams of anticipation that emanated from the sea of adolescent girls gathered at the Urban Council Centenary Garden, as we got through to the cordoned media area for the opening of the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival, some of us might be forgiven for thinking we might have been the object at which the screams were directed at. Admittedly, there were some of us who did feel like stars – one of us in particular, as we would soon discover, certainly had that a penchant for media attention, revealing the lengths that he would go to get the attention of the media during the now infamous bath tub race. The numerous placards being held up by the screaming girls with the words “U-KISS” might also have given some the idea that the screaming fans were asking for a kiss from whomever they were directing their screams to.

Arriving to the screams of excited adolescent girls at the 2010 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival, some of us might have thought we were amongst HK's hottest!

It might not have been hard to be under the impression that the crowds of adolescent girls had gathered to welcome us ...

... and perhaps even wanting to kiss some of us!

Unfortunately for those of us who might have harboured such thoughts, the overwhelming evidence provided by the numerous placards bearing the name Alexander or Xander was that most of the screaming girls were clamouring for a certain person with that name. Without any inkling as to whom this Xander might be, I somehow felt a little lost in the sea of teenagers as the opening ceremony began with a bang – literally, with the beating of drums. With the opening ceremony out of the way, a concert followed. The cantopop duo that appeared on stage did not provide any clues as to who the mysterious Xander might be. I had somehow anticipated that we would have two men on stage, but one of the duo, Sherman actually turned out to be quite a pretty lady, which for a moment, did cast some doubts as to the gender of this certain Xander. But I guess, the make-up of the adoring fans erased those doubts almost immediately ….

What was apparent was that most were actually there to greet a certain Alexander ...

or Xander, in short ...

I had expected Sherman on the basis of the name to be of a different gender ...

but Sherman Chung turned out to be quite a pretty lady ....

and with quite a silky voice too ...

After quite a lengthy routine from the talented Sherman, the burst of euphoric and excited screams announced that the long awaited moment had arrived! Out pops this slim guy with handsomely boyish features who was introduced as a member of what was apparently a Korean boy band U-KISS. This was the Alexander or Xander that was the main object of the excitement that we had been caught up in. Well, at that point, even with the appearance of Xander, I still wasn’t very enlightened. Xander somehow didn’t look quite Korean or for that matter someone who would be delivering his opening lines in fluent Cantonese!

The frenzy that accompanied Alexander's appearance.

Alexander finally makes an appearance ... and ...

... it was only after the introduction that I found out that he was a member of a Korean boy band, U-KISS.

He certainly seemed to be the most popular with the crowd ...

Each move was accompanied by loud excited screams from the crowd.



More screams!!!

The cameras were doing overtime ...

as those with the pointy things sought the highest points to catch a good shot of Alexander ....

More screams yet!

... even the appearance of other Korean members of the Dream Team didn't take attention away from Alexander!

With only the pretty Sherman taking some of the spotlight away from Alexander.

The crowds of girls were out for the one and only Alexander!

It was only much later that I was able to gain more information on U-KISS and Alexander, and I was to discover that his linguistic ability was aided by a mixed parentage, apparently having a Chinese-Portuguese father and a Korean mother, and him spending his childhood in Macau and Hong Kong. I guess, not being one who keeps tabs on Korean boy bands, I could be excused for my ignorance, but I was to discover that U-KISS and Alexander had a following in Singapore as well, and even my mother who turns 70 this year, perhaps from her being an avid fan of Korean television, could provide all that I might have wanted to know not just about U-KISS and Alexander, but on some of the other mysterious markings on some of the placards such as 2PM, 2AM and FCuz!

Alexander made an appearance at the Dragon Boat races as well.

And was all smiles as part of the KBS Dream Team that won the Most Eye Catching Award.

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25 08 2010
My Hong Kong Travel Blog 我的香港之旅 » Even mum knows who Alexander is!

[…] Each move was accompanied by loud excited screams from the crowd. […]

26 08 2010


I’m a big fan of Alexander! I’m really surprise to see your blog entry on his visit to Hong Kong.

The photos are really lovely! Are they all you have taken? If it’s not too much would you be able to send me the photos?

My email is snoopy_kunda@yahoo.com

Thank you so much!

26 08 2010
The wondering wanderer

Hi Mag, that’s nice to know! Gosh Xander has a really huge following! I’ll certainly be glad to send the photos to you … I’ll can also send two or three of them at full resolution if you can identify which ones you would like at full resolution. 🙂

30 08 2010

Hello a Great Fan of Xander too~ I have a blog~ on U-kiss
to It would be SUPER Great to have the Photos too

it looks amazing! Xander is OSM!

30 08 2010
The wondering wanderer

Hi JJportia12! The photos are on the way! Just put a link to my blog if you use the photos on yours!! 😀

30 08 2010

Hello a great fan of U-KISS Alexander is so OSM! Watched their Concert he really makes the crowd happy, he reaches out to the fans!


31 08 2010

Hey there I’m from Singapore and yes you’re right, there is a huge fanbase here for U-KISS 🙂

If you are unaware, they came to Singapore in June and was on Sheng Siong show. Other that that, they made an appearance on Radio 1003 and they were on newspaper and magazines a lot that month!

Oh and I voted for you on omy! Great job with the post! 😀

31 08 2010
The wondering wanderer

Hi Kylene! Guess I was ignorant about the whole Korean music scene and following in Singapore … I certainly wasn’t aware that U-KISS was here in June – thanks for the information! Thanks also for your kind feedback and thanks for the vote! Much appreciated! 😀

31 08 2010
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31 08 2010
The next poster boy of football? « The Long and Winding Road

[…] next poster boy of football? 31 08 2010 Having been caught up in the wave of hysteria and euphoria that accompanied the appearance of some good looking Korean pop stars, in particular, a certain […]

1 09 2010

i’m another big fan of xander
nice article!and nice photos!

2 09 2010
The wondering wanderer

That’s wonderful Missy! Xander is really cool! 😀 Can send photos to anyone who requests for them!

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