Adios Amigo! The beginning of the end of the National Stadium

8 09 2010

Preparation work for the long anticipated demolition for one of places in Singapore for which I have many fond memories of, the National Stadium, has finally begun. Last Friday, heavy equipment started moving in, occupying the open space in front of the East Entrance, and this week, we see a fence being erected around some parts of the much loved stadium as she is being readied for demolition work proper which should commence in October, based on a news release by the Singapore Sports Council on 25 Aug 2010. Besides the heavy equipment and the erection of the fence, there is also quite a lot of activity happening inside the stadium, where salvageable and reusable items including the wooden planking that served as benches on the terraces are being painstakingly removed and moved out of the stadium before the wrecker’s ball descends on the grey concrete terraces in October …

Heavy equipment has been moved to the site of the former National Stadium as preparation work is being carried out for its eventual demolition.

Mobile cranes and parts of the fixed tower cranes that the mobile cranes will erect moved into the area in front of the East entrance last Friday.

A fence is being erected around the former stadium ... and we would soon lose sight of it.

The wooden seating in the gallery has been ripped out of the terraces.




2 responses

13 09 2010
Lam Chun See

Guys of my generation have such fond memories of this place. It brings back names like Crazy Horse, the Camel and the Spider.

14 09 2010
The wondering wanderer

Guess we all, collectively as a nation, have fond memories of the grand old dame … from the 7th SEAP Games, the Malaysia Cup matches, the NDPs, sports meets, music concerts, boxing matches and later the Tiger/Suzuki Cup matches! Crazy Horse, the Camel and the Spider are certainly names I was familiar with as well … in those days the stadium literally rocked with the stamping of feet of the tens of thousands that packed the terraces … sad to see her go … but am certainly looking forward to what promises to come 🙂

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