Thanks for the geleks, Dollah …

14 10 2010

R.I.P. Dollah Kassim (13 March 1949 to 14 Oct 2010)

Dollah in his prime and lifting the Malaysia Cup in 1977 (source:

It is sad indeed, coming just as we are witnessing a national sporting icon, in the form of the National Stadium, being torn down, to hear on the radio, that another icon, Dollah Kassim, who lighted the Singapore football scene for 11 years as a striker in the national team with his feints and excellent dribbling skills, has passed on this morning. Dollah or “Gelek-King” as he was popularly referred to, had burst to the national scene back in the late 1960s and had his best years during the best years of the National Stadium and the Kallang Roar – in the late 1970s, helping Singapore lift the Malaysia Cup in 1977, retiring from the Malaysia Cup and International scene in 1979. He collapsed following a match between ex-internationals from Singapore and across the Causeway due to a heart attack last October. Thanks for the memories Dollah … and for the wonderful geleks … you were an inspiration to many like me in Singapore growing up on the diet of the Malaysia Cup in the 1970s.



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14 10 2010

RIP DK..Though I’d only seen you play via the old videos shown in the tv a few years ago but that was enough to tell what guy & talent you were at that time.

Its sad to hear that you had to go…but given the circumstances that the condition & the pain you are in lying on the bed…sometimes its better to go than to suffer.

My sincere condolences to the late lagendry DK family members.

15 10 2010
The wondering wanderer

A selection of comments I received on Facebook:

“We had a gentleman and gentle player, who could gelek pass anyone, score goals and look around with his cheeky smile, way before the likes of the spoilt brats like Ronaldo and company. He was loved and respected even by his opponents. RIP.”

“Seen him play at the National Stadium so many times. I am gutted to learn this.”

“Dollah is a legend in singapore football. found this tribute by his son:

“Sad to hear that. I first met him when he was training in Victoria Sch under Uncle Choo. Got him to sign on my diary with player like Kim Song etc…..will treasure this diary with all the great players in the late 70’s.”

“I met him and the other stars in malacca maybe 1977 or 78 and spoke to them for a while … they were so cool !”

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