Getting intimate during Overtime

30 01 2011

I was never one that was motivated to frequent the area that is known as Dempsey Hill and maybe finding myself there voluntarily, twice in a two month period, would have been seen as odd. But of course, the circumstances of my being there had changed since my days of trudging up the gentle incline of the hill often enough to leave me with a dread of the hours I would spend in getting permission to travel out of the country. That was at a time when the single storey blocks that were typical of the British military establishments found around Singapore, housed the Exit Permit Office of the Central Manpower Base (CMPB), to which I needed to submit myself to everytime I wanted to leave the country since I turned twelve.

Dempsey Hill is a very different place from the one that I used to trudge reluctantly up to during its days as CMPB.

These days, Dempsey Hill is a different place, one that despite the numerous rumours of supernatural sightings, is no longer haunted by its association with its days as part of the Ministry of Defence complex that had occupied the area. Dempsey Hill is today, a place that despite its relative inaccessibility by public transport, is growing in popularity as a destination for the many fine dining establishments that now fill the dusty offices where the sounds of army boots and typewriters had once dominated. It was to one of these establishments, many not so much a fine dining, but an establishment that serves not just great food, but also along with it, great beer and great entertainment, that combined with the wonderful setting it is in, make it a wonderful place to not just dine, catch up over a few drinks but also to chill out after a day at the office.

Great tasting food at Overtime complements the great tasting Stärker Fresh Beer.

Stärker Fresh Beer comes in two varieties, the Aromatic and Lager ...

Having already taken up an invitation to attend its grand opening, which featured none other than the international Taiwanese based superstar, Lin Chi Ling, during which I had become acquainted with the brand of beer it serves, I was quite happy to accept an offer to attend an “initmate” food tasting session at the establishment Overtime. With a wonderful array of food on offer, ranging from a choice of 39 skewers to various different platters on its menu, who could resist the invitation, and just as I wasn’t disappointed with the excitement of the grand opening of the outlet, I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the so called intimate session.

There is a full menu that offers platters, skewers and even some local favourites.

In the excellent company of the wonderful PR personnel, and an old friend, it wasn’t hard to get intimate and commit one of the seven deadly sins – with the food that is, as the seemingly never ending flow of platters and skewers came fast and furious. Besides the German styled Stärker Fresh Beer, which is brewed in Malaysia on offer, the interesting beverage menu also includes a few interesting Overtime creations, Beer Cocktails made with Stärker Beer, which offers a refreshing beverage as an alternative to anyone with a sense of adventure. You can choose to Go Naked, or have a Caribbean Night or as we were recommended, the Lychee Slush, which proved to be sweet and light beverage if you aren’t keen on a full glass of beer.

The Lychee Slush, a light and refreshing beer cocktail on offer at Overtime.

The platters and skewers on offer are a fusion of east and west, asian influenced flavours, some mixed with western type foods such as the Jumbo Sausage. A favourite, Platter A on the menu, Crunchy Pork complemented with Crispy Fried Mushrooms and Fish Fillets, certainly did not disappoint, as did the several skewers that went smoothly down with the pint of Aromatic Stärker Beer I decided to indulge in this time. The highlight for me was the Teriyaki Beef, which was lightly flavoured and tender and moist as I like my beef, as well as the Squid Skewer – squid grilled to perfection.

Platter A - Crunchy Pork, complemented by Crispy Fried Mushrooms and Fish Fillet - yummy!

There are also some delicious salads on offer including a Thai Style Calamari Salad.

The sumptuous squid skewer ...

Homestyle Prawn Crackers with Deep Fried Bean Curd ...

It was a great night that had to end too soon, as I had an early start for the following morning. With the knowledge that besides the wonderful beer and food that was on offer, and also the information that a delightful local band The Repeats, who performed at the grand opening would soon be performing three acts every night from 7.00 pm onwards, Dempsey Hill and the single storey blocks that I used to reluctantly visit, would probably see a lot more of me in days to come.

The Repeats will perform 3 acts every night from 7pm onwards at Overtime's Dempsey Hill outlet.

A parting shot ... the air-conditioning vent on the ceiling ...




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