The Green Corridor has the PM’s support!

15 08 2011

In his speech during the National Day Rally, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made what appears to be an endorsement of the efforts of the Ministry of National Development (MND) and the Urban redevelopment Authority (URA) in engaging various interest groups and the public on the use of the former KTM rail corridor, and also for the idea to develop a green corridor through the land. He cited this as an encouraging example in which Singaporeans are engaging the Government and “going beyond giving views … and coming forward to work with one other and with the government on projects which matter to them”. PM Lee also mentioned creating of “a green corridor along the railway land” citing “many views outside encouraging the government to make this a beautiful green corridor to add to the amenities of living in Singapore” and said that the MND and URA and he are all very keen on this and URA is carrying out an extensive public consultation to look for “creative ways of preserving green spaces without affecting development potential of the land”.

The Green Corridor has received the PM's support ... a butterfly seen at the Clementi Woodland area near Holland Road as track clearing work is being carried out.

PM Lee also mentioned that there were many bright ideas from students, architects, design professionals to use sections as creative arts and performing spaces and to develop a leisure corridor, linked to the park connector network and highlighted a proposal which he mentioned was “creative and imaginative” from a recent graduate of the NUS Architecture Department, Ms Regina Koo who suggested building a “Velo-Park” with bikeways, bike rental stalls, bike club and bike café “where one can have a bite on a bike”, saying that the Government would be looking forward to other good ideas saying “don’t just tell us what to do, but help us to do it”.

A proposal by Regina Koo, a recent Architecture graduate from NUS involves a Velo-Park (MND image via Channel NewsAsia).

Recent images around the Clementi Woodland / Holland Road area:

Tracks have been cleared and beyond the stretch where work first started to remove the tracks, clearance work seems more contained.

Another view of the area - much of the vegetation here is intact.

The scene closer to Bukit Timah Station from the south - turfing work over where the tracks lay is very much in evidence.




4 responses

16 08 2011
Jimmy Ah Seng

how does this project reduce the gap between the rich and the poor in Spore?

16 08 2011
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

Hi Jimmy, this project does is not in anyway meant to address that. It is one example where active citizenship can have an influence in the outcome, and there would be other channels for engagement on what you bring up.

16 08 2011

I do not mean to be cynical but I think the reason for the green corridor is because the government do not have firm plans for most of the railway land, oher than some plots nearer to town. They have waited umpteen years to get this piece of land that cuts through S’pore, don’t think they will let the green movement have it just like that. Saviour it while you can

16 08 2011
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

Thanks for dropping by Dan, yes the government does indeed not have any firm plans and nobody is under any illusions that everything would be left as it is. What we have heard is that the government is keen on the idea of a Green Corridor or a Green Spine which can be integrated with the development of land in and around the rail corridor as well as preserve some of the heritage of the railway land and they are keen to engage the public as well as other interest groups in doing this. This provides a wonderful opportunity for all of us to influence the way in which the rail corridor is developed and used such that it becomes a piece of land that is available not just to small and select segments of the population, but to all in Singapore, which we should not pass up on.

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