Segamat on a sleepy afternoon

20 08 2011

I always enjoy a walk around any old part of any town. They usually offer a window into a world that might have once existed, sometimes throwing a few surprises. Taking a quick walk around sleepy old Segamat on a Thursday afternoon took me into that world, a world that may have once existed in Singapore that is now lost to us. It is in walking into gateways into that lost world, where windows into the soul of the place can be peeked into, opening up passageways through the heart of the place, that one can reflect on the world that surrounds you. It was a world that I found myself immersed in in what little time I had, and one that made an impression on me.





Signs of the times





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20 08 2011
Bob Eccles

“There lives the dearest freshness deep down things” (Gerard Manley Hopkins) You poke your camera at everyday banal things, suddenly they take colour and form – there’s an unexpected beauty all at once!

29 08 2011
Lam Chun See

It’s still possible, but not easy to find those metal gates- in Cantonese we called them ‘tit chap’ – in Spore.

Didn’t you see the KTM rail bridge over the Segamat River? I thot you certainly would have taken some photos. Looks just like ours at Bt Timah.

31 08 2011
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

Yes … still possible Chun See! In fact I saw quite a few of them walking around the older neighbourhoods including at Tanglin Halt yesterday. I did see the rail bridge and did take some photos this time as well as from the train on a previous occassion … looks very much like the Bt Timah ones! 🙂

29 08 2011
Lam Chun See

Like you, whenever I visit any smal town in Malaysia, it’s always the old stuff that catch my attention; such as the old cars. The last time I went to Segamat (2009), I took some photos of the their public phones. Did you see them?

31 08 2011
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

The old stuff certainly catches the attention! I did see the public phones – have some photos taken as well! 🙂

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