Get Ready to Paint the Town Peri-Peri

21 12 2011

I’m never one to chicken out of painting the town red whenever I am offered a chance to. And now, there’s a chance not just to paint the town not just red, but also very saucy, as well as getting away being chicken, with a nationwide campaign launched by Nando’s to hunt for Singapore’s Favourite Peri-Peri Flavour! Peri-Peri sauce is as most of us who have been stung by that first flavourful bite into the juicy, succulent and well marinated famous flame-grilled chicken know, synonymous with Nando’s, offering four degrees of hotness with Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot, or Extra Hot flavouring it. Singaporeans we know, do like it hot, but just how hot we like it is something that Nando’s hopes to find out in a contest that runs from 1 December 2011 to 31 January 2012 and will perhaps offer voters a much better choice than what we had in voting contests of recent memory.

Some like it hot! There's a chance now to vote for how hot you actually like it!

Do let Nando's know how hot you like it!

Speaking about the launch of the campaign, Ms Mac Chung Lynn, CEO of Nando’s Chickenland Singapore Pte Ltd, said: “This campaign is a celebration of Nando’s key ingredient that has made it famous all over the world – the specially blended Peri-Peri sauces. We hope to engage Singapore in a fun and competitive voting contest while simultaneously communicating our vibrant brand personality and key attributes.” During the campaign period, Singaporeans can cast their votes – at any of the five Nando’s outlets they dine in, during Nando’s street activation activities, or via their Facebook Page ( Online voters and those involved in the street activation activities are also entitled to win instant prizes via lucky dips that include 1,000 full chickens amongst other prizes, and hotting things up even further, at the end of the voting period, 100 lucky voters of the winning flavour will be invited to participate in a specially themed Nando’s party that we are given to understand is guaranteed to raise the Peri-o-meter temperature even further!

Don't be surprised to see some pretty faces rallying for their favourite flavour during the campaign.

With all that to raise the temperature this cold and wet time of the year, there certainly is no reason to go cold on this vote and however hot you do like your chix – there is one – flavour that is, that will definitely please you … so do head down to a Nando’s outlet, or to the Nando’s Facebook Page and make your choice. And remember, please vote saucily!

Voting Card for restaurant diners.

My choice is clear!




One response

27 12 2011
Nando's Singapore


Bom Dia & warmest greetings from Nando’s Singapore!

Thank you so much for your support, hope to see you soon =]

Peri Regards,
Marketing Department
Nando’s Singapore

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