A celebration of the joy that is life

9 03 2012

As I look forward to this evening’s opening of what would be spectacular man-made show of colour and light, i Light Marina Bay 2012, that will be on until 1 April, my thoughts somehow drifted to another show of colour and light – one made not by man but by forces man has no control of. This show, is one that comes not once every two years, but one that we can see as often as twice in a day, once at the break of day and once with the fall of night. It is a show that in its unpredictability, suprises us sometimes with an unimaginable range of colours, and at times disappoints us with an unfulfilled promise. The unpredictability does permit an appreciation of the moments when there is a surprise. The sunrise and the sunset have for long been my favourite times of day – the sunrise is when I can approach the day with freshness and optimism, and the sunset being when I can leave the tiredness and the anger of the day behind. And, when it does come with that surprise, as it did during a sunrise in mid February I was fortunate to witness, it isn’t just a treat for the eyes and for the soul, but also a celebration – a celebration that is one of the joy that is life.

Colours of sunrise, Northern Singapore, 18 February 2012.




One response

9 03 2012
James Lamm

Jerome, I am so thankful for your posts. As a former expat of 8 years, I miss Singapore and dream of returning every day. Your posts help me keep in touch with what is going on in Singapore and what went on there years ago. i love your historical posts as well as your recent posts. Keep up the great work.

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