Changing moods of a changing face

1 06 2012

Marina Bay is where the most dramatic of changes that the city of Singapore has seen over the last 30 years has probably taken place. It is now a showcase of the new Singapore – one that reflects how the mood of a nation that emerged out of uncertain times to where it finds itself now, proudly standing on its own. The bay as it is referred to now, was once the harbour – the harbour on which modern Singapore was founded on and from which much of its people and its wealth came in from. Cut off from the sea that brought it life by the reclamation of land and the construction of the Marina Barrage, the old harbour is now part of a large body of fresh water – an important reserve of the important resource that Singapore has always struggled with. Beyond that, it has also become the showcase of Singapore’s transformation with several rather iconic developments rising around the bay that has given the area a ‘wow’ factor. Even as I struggle to come to grips with this new world that has replaced much of what I loved of the Singapore that I grew up in, I must admit that I find myself in celebration of this new world. The new world in reflecting the changed mood of the nation is probably also where it is best to capture the changing mood of each day at daybreak – which I have tried to do on four out of five working days this week … the photographs that follow are taken at about the same time on each of the four days, each capturing a very different mood.

The calm after the storm

28 May 2012, 6.37 am.

A clear day

30 May 2012, 6.36 am.

The calm before the storm

31 May 2012, 6.38 am.

In the midst of a storm

1 June 2012, 6.39 am.



5 responses

2 06 2012

You so deserve the Best Photography Blog award, Jerome. Your dedication to great shots like these is inspiring. Although I still would not get up at that kind of hours to get a beautiful shot as yours. Heehee..


3 06 2012
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

Thanks Bing … appreciate your generous feedback! 🙂 No additional effort on my part to get up that early – as I am usually up anyway and the sunrise is when I can have that moment of solitude that I take everyday … I love your shots – and think you take a lot more beautiful shots! Best of luck for the Best Lifestyle award!
Jerome 🙂

3 06 2012

That first photo is super gorgeous 🙂

3 06 2012
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

Thanks! 🙂 The combination of colours and cloud was pretty unusual after the downpour which reflected well off the very still waters in the bay that morning.

4 06 2012

Hi Jerome,
I especially like “The Calm After Storm”, the first pic. Love the clouds and the reflection. The other shots have got reflections too, but this one especially, have so much textures!

All the best for the Awards too!

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