The sun rises in the north

7 06 2012

One of the last places in Singapore that I would have thought of catching the sunrise is on our northernmost shores, particularly at the former Kampong Wak Hassan. Looking east on a clear day here takes one’s gaze over the Straits of Johor to an area that isn’t particularly picturesque. I have however discovered through quiet moments I have sought that have taken me there, that the sunrise can be quite a sight, especially so when the colours of sunrise reflect off the undulations on the Straits. It is also where the rising of the sun can as creeps above the obscured horizon that lies beyond Pasir Gudang in southern Johor, can be a joy to behold – as it was on the morning of the 20th of May this year …

The sunrise over Pasir Gudang seen from the beach at the former Kampong Wak Hassan.




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7 06 2012

Love this, thanks!

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