Varying moods of a most beautiful place

2 08 2012

The varying moods of a place that in being left behind (at least for now) by the rest of Singapore, that in its imperfection holds a beauty we seem to have forgotten how to appreciate …




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2 08 2012

Where is this?

3 08 2012
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

This is at Kampong Wak Hassan, just east of Sembawang Park.

4 08 2012
still here

Thanks Jerome, I really like watching Sunsets. They go from yellow to orange, to pinkish-orange, and then you start seeing navy blue, and at the very end, the sky is twinkling with stars…I get this distant calming feeling, and memories of me coming back from the sec school in the late 80s taking the less crowded trains flash back….The Sunset is fulled with amazing colors merging together to create great beauty, 😀 It would also be great for moments of solace and free flowing thoughts just sitting somewhere and watch a sunset accompanied with a loved one or a caring fellow friend nearby, so romantic hee hee…anyway.这才是幸福吧。

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