Going the distance

21 08 2012

An invitation to a recent event I was glad that I took up was one that landed me a device that certainly is very much a welcome addition to my bag full of gadgets – a very useful mobile power pack – the latest in Panasonic innovations to hit the store shelves. The gadget did come in pretty handy for me allowing me the free use of my iPhone the very next day – without having to worry about the battery being depleted on a seven hour adventure to Pulau Semakau. The mobile power pack, a 2,700 mAH capacity pack (QE-QL101) is one that is sufficient to fully charge a smart phone – pretty handy if you are one the go a lot and with it you would never have to miss that all important phone call or hold back on checking or updating your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds just to make sure you have enough juice on your smart phone to go the distance. The mobile power pack which weighs 78 grams can be charged using a USB connection (about 7 hours to charge) or through a AC adaptor (about 3 hours to charge). There is also a 5400 mAH pack (QE-QL201) available which has twice the capacity. More information is available at the Panasonic Go The Distance page. Do also like the Panasonic Asia Facebook Page on which you will find more information as well as participate in games in which you can win exciting Panasonic products.

Host Shu An opening the launch event at K-Suites.

There was lots of fun at the event.

Another one of Shu An who is a FLY Entertainment Artiste.

Some lucky bloggers – such as Claire walked away with prizes …



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