1 02 2013

It is in a world we have forgotten, that I have come to enjoy a peaceful moment in. It is a world which in being seemingly far removed from the cold, grey and unfamiliar world that has grown around me; I take great joy having a moment in quiet solitude in. It is also one in which I find a sanity that can no longer be found in the Singapore I struggle to feel at home in. The world is one which will soon change. A change necessary, as we are told, for the small island we call home to move forward. A change which, as with the many changes we have been forced to accept, we will surely look back at with regret.





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1 02 2013

Exactly, this is how I feel too Jerome, we have absolutely no place to go, no place to seek our comfort and to release our stress once this island we call home is overflown with people, all in the name of progress and profits, all thanks to u know who. I hope we wont live to regret this 30 years from now.

1 02 2013

It sucks to have a place where you can recharge urself emotionally having a quiet time to one removed, I am sorry, Jerome.

1 02 2013
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

Thanks Henry! A lot of Singaporeans I have spoken to do feel this way – there is a sense of loss and regret for places we can no longer return to. 😦 I fear for the future in that we stand to lose not just places we identify with but places which made us who we are as a people.

1 02 2013

I hope so Jerome, I hate to see Singaporeans being citizens who have absolutely no roots, no collective memories, no heritage to call our own.

We all love this place we call home and it hurts to see it change in a way, that does not benefit the locals at all.This place used to be happy, and now its all greed and profits. Places where we get to enjoy solitude and recharge our emotions, getting refreshed are mostly gone. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hopefully people will be brave enough to vote out u know who in 2016, and u know what, one miracle happened last sat 🙂

I hope u find new places for ur solitude pal! 🙂

2 02 2013

Why do all have to sound and feel so helpless ? Why do we as a nation of world class citizen have to suffer in silent anger while those drawing fat salaries continue to play a deaf ear to all the outcries and strong disagreements with their populations policy ? Why live to regret and anticipates having to look back regretfully ?

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