Light after dark (Pulau Ubin)

28 05 2013

The light after dark at 7.35 pm on 28 May 2013 on Pulau Ubin, an island off northeast Singapore.





3 responses

29 05 2013
Travvel Sized

I love Pulau Ubin, its such a unique location in a country that virtually all just one, massive city. You did a great job of capturing its atmosphere 🙂

29 05 2013
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

Hi Travvel Sized – thanks for the feedback! 🙂 Glad that you love Pulau Ubin! Yes, it is indeed a unique location in what now as you put it is just one massive city. For many of us – it is one of the last reminders of how we used to be which we can hold on to. I was there to soak in the atmosphere of an annual celebration at the Tua Pek Kong Temple to commemorate the birthday of the deity who is also referred to as the Earth Deity. The celebration also sees Teochew Opera perfromances and the form of entertainment which has replaced the street Chinese operas – getai which was on last evening: – a very nice way to relive the good old village days many of us older Singaporeans miss.

29 05 2013
Travvel Sized

Seems like an awesome festival and a great way to still be able to experience the Singapore of yesteryear 🙂

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