The calm after the storm

26 12 2013

Pink and purple tinged clouds, coloured by the clearing storm, seen just after sunset at 7.15 pm on 14 December 2013, over Sembawang Hills Estate. The private residential estate of mainly terrace and semi-detached houses dates back to the mid 1950s, when a semi-detached house there (based on a 1956 advertisement), would have cost $11,500; with terrace houses going between $8,000 and $9,425. The face of the estate is one that is changing and besides the newer and taller houses erected in place of the original structures, many of the original businesses occupying the shop lots including an old provision shop (Soon Huat) and a traditional bakery, have made an exit, replaced by businesses that seem to be more relevant to today’s society.

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28 12 2013

Is that picture of Jalan Kuras? have not been back to Sembawang Hills Estate for quite awhile & it was like yesterday I left, but much have changed. Who can forget the Jalan’s?, Kuras, Glenggang, Leban, Tarum, Sappan, Rukam, Menranong, Chengam, & Lanjut. The first time I met that housing estate was 1963 & in December & that is 50 years ago, I was young ther & “younger” now! (:- There are so many things to write about, I will keep this to Jalan Leban, the connecting road between Sembawang Hills Road & the main road, the middle of Jalan Leban was the “town center” of the estate, if one could recall. There was that electrical shop, was it Lucky or something, then that, Hainanese Coffee shop, the Tavern or was it a bar…On Bros Record shop & a stationary shop. Opposite would be the hawker Center & at the entrance, was in Shell Petrol Station. Don’t forget, Sembawang Hills taxi Stand, where we call for a taxi to go downtown or anywhere, this was before Radio taxi. Sure misses Sembawang Hills Estate.

30 12 2013
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

Hi Ruddy, it is a picture of Jalan Lanjut, rising up from Jalan Mengkudu. Wow, a half century! Of all that you mentioned, the only thing that is still there is the Radio Taxi hut which is still being used. Lots of new businesses there now. Would you remember a provision shop Soon Huat?

30 12 2013

Yes I remember Soon Huat…now I look at the picture carefully, yes its Jalan Lanjut.

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