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4 03 2014

Time can be a cruel thing in Singapore. The passage of time brings with it the change that seems inevitable in Singapore denying us many places that we may have developed an attachment to.

JeromeLim 277A9539

The last day of February this year, saw the passing of two well-loved places. One is a kopitiam (coffee-shop), set in an world older than itself for which time is being called on, and the other, a well used community space in the form of a public swimming pool complex we in Singapore seem to want to discard all to quickly.

JeromeLim 277A9602

JeromeLim 277A9605

Just a stone’s throw away from each other, the two, are coincidentally from the same era. While this may be hard to see in the swimming complex, the Buona Vista Swimming Complex, the layout of the kopitiam, Chin Hin Eating House at Block 75 Commonwealth Drive, does take us back to the period when it was set-up in 1976 – when it was still the fashion to lay food stalls at the coffee-shop’s front, with a seating area in the back. A popular place for that traditional breakfast of buttered bread, soft-boiled eggs and coffee, the coffee-shop was located on the ground floor of a block of flats that will be a group of seven – among the earliest put up by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) in the early 1960s, that will be demolished under the HDB’s Selective En-bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS).

JeromeLim 277A9636

JeromeLim 277A9768

The swimming complex, which opened in September 1976 and the fourth to be designed by the Housing and Development Board (the others before it were Queenstown, Toa Payoh and Katong), is one that I do have a memory of. It was where on one evening in the complex’s first decade of operation, despite losing my glasses in any attempt to “rescue” a “swimmer in distress”, I managed to get my bronze medallion in life-saving that qualified me as a lifeguard. That was some 30 years ago in 1983, and probably some 30 kilogrammes ago in weight I have since seemed to have gained.

JeromeLim 277A9733The area where I sought to lose my glasses.

While there is little I have in terms of sentimentality for the places concerned, they are still places for which I do feel a sense of loss, being reminders of unassuming times for which there is little place in the world we have been forced to love. There may be little time left for us to celebrate these remnants of the old world in which we find easy to feel at home in, before they become a remnant only in our memories.

A last waltz

a final dance at Chin Hin Eating House (1976 to 2014) –

JeromeLim 277A9585b

JeromeLim 277A9554b

JeromeLim 277A9550b

JeromeLim 277A9558b

JeromeLim 277A9563b

JeromeLim 277A9564b

JeromeLim 277A9567b

JeromeLim 277A9568b

JeromeLim 277A9573b

JeromeLim 277A9575b

JeromeLim 277A9579b

JeromeLim 277A9611b

JeromeLim 277A9617b

La última Vista

– a final look at Buona Vista Swimming Complex (4 Sep 1976 to 28 Feb 2014) –

JeromeLim 277A9719

JeromeLim 277A9724

JeromeLim 277A9735

JeromeLim 277A9739

JeromeLim 277A9744

JeromeLim 277A9749

JeromeLim 277A9752

JeromeLim 277A9753

JeromeLim 277A9755

JeromeLim 277A9759

JeromeLim 277A9769

JeromeLim 277A9770




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5 08 2014

Anyone remembers an ice cream factory at Blk 78? It was known as Tivoli ice cream and manufactured specially for Tivoli Restaurant at Orchard Road in the early 1970..

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