Light after dark: Twilight falls on West Hill

24 03 2014

7.44 pm, Sunday 23 March 2014. Night falls on an area around where West Hill had once stood, at  the end of extremely hot day in Singapore.

JeromeLim 277A3090

The now forgotten West Hill was a relatively high point that rose above the swampy ground around Sungei Sembawang. It had lent its name to West Hill Village – a village that grew around the south-eastern fringes of the huge naval base that once dominated Singapore’s northern coast. The village that was in more recent times known to us as Chong Pang Village in which names of schools such as West Hill School and Si San (西山 – West Hill in Chinese)Public School served to remind us of the village’s original name. There is little that remains of this part of the area’s past and much of the area is now dominated by the public housing estate that has come up around the Sembawang area.



One response

24 03 2014
Bai Hu

Thanks for the post. I used to live in Sembawang at Teo Lee Road. The 2 primary schools that were nearby are Canberra School and West Hill School. The uniform of West Hill School for guys is white shirt and green shorts, for girls is white shirt with green pinafore. There is a secondary school next to these 2 primary schools – Navel Base Secondary School. Another school that is further away but still within walking distance is Xi Shan Primary School. Xi Shan was a Chinese based school originally, but now all the schools in SG are made English based already. Xi Shan has shifted to Yishun near a community centre within walking distance from Northpoint Shopping Centre.

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