Singapore in the 1960s – three blasts from the past

25 05 2016

Footage found online that take us back to a Singapore we have all but forgotten.

The first is a video posted online by Gary Porter on the Memories of Singapore Facebook group that shows the National Theatre crescent-shaped fountain, the fountain at Holland Circus and a gathering of hawkers. The second is an excerpt from a French / Italian 1967 movie Cinq gars pour Singapour or Five Ashore in Singapore that was filmed in Singapore in 1966 that takes has us take walk through one of my favourite childhood places, Change Alley. The third is from the 1967 British film Pretty Polly, which starred Hayley Mills and Shashi Kapoor.





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25 05 2016
Lewis Mitchell

There were very few movies filmed in Singapore compared to HK perhaps due to strict censorship laws etc. One movie that was filmed without permission was Saint Jack starring Ben Gazarra which showed the seedy side of Singapore. Great scenes of Singapore in the early 70’s.

25 05 2016

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My Hometown – Singapore. Thank you very much, Jerome Lim. Happy week. Namaste

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