Illuminated remembrances at the Wan Qing Yuan

9 09 2016

The terrazzo and mosaic faced playgrounds of yesteryear, symbols today of our longing for a Singapore we have discarded, have come back as lanterns.  Illuminated representations of four of these playgrounds, an elephant, a pelican, the iconic dragon and a watermelon, will decorate the lawn of the Wan Qing Yuan – the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall (SYSNMH), for the museum’s Mid-Autumn celebrations. The lantern display is show every evening from 7 to 10 pm from 9 to 18 September.

A pair of lanterns depicting the watermelon playground at Tampines.

A pair of lanterns depicting the watermelon playground at Tampines.

The bulk of SYSNMH’s celebrations will be held over the weekend on 10 and 11 September. Activities to look forward to include lantern making and arts and crafts workshops, evening cultural performances, a public talk and shadow puppetry performances. Admission is free. More information on the Wan Qing Yuan’s celebrations and activities, do visit their Facebook Page.

Lanterns depicting the well-loved playgrounds of yesteryear at the Wan Qing Yuan.

Lanterns depicting the well-loved playgrounds of yesteryear at the Wan Qing Yuan.


Impressions of the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations at the Wan Qing Yuan.







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9 09 2016

Very interesting 🙂

9 09 2016

I love those lights but ironically I realize that maybe it should have been better just to have the playground functionning again instead of having voluminous lights to figure out how good it was to have such lovely playground designed, realised and enjoyed by children…

Having object creating good memories instead of objects of remembrance. It might have cost some lump of money to get the lights done… but no kids can play with them I guess… Why not just recreating the playground so that a new generation can enjoy the fantastic setting with emblematic animals to play with and reinvent stories?

Sorry to break the festive mood but this event is exemplifying why as lighting designer I’ve stopped doing lighting design… I’m passionate about lights and I believe that my talent was based on the ability to reinterrogate and reinvest into memories to share experience and experimentation with others throw new installation. Creativity is based on that and the sharing part of the process is part of what makes us an human group.

I’m very thankfull to Jerome Lim, because his selection of pictures has also revived and triggered reaction and emotion. Like many, I loved the pelican, it was my best figure… even though I never grew in Singapore. There is something universal in all the topics touched by our friend Jerome.

And I believe that a time will come that we will have to decide if we just want to remember ambiances, places and lifestyle or if we want to struggle to get those qualities from the past to be part of our present and future life.

Jerome, thank you for the post and the others! Please keep on! You always shake up the child on me and revive what was believed doomed and lost!

Love and much care from me!

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