Light at the end of a tunnel

26 09 2016

The tunnel under the circus at Jalan Bahru (now where Jurong Town Hall Road passes under the Ayer Rajah Expressway) was one of three railway tunnels built for the industrial Jurong Railway Line. The line, built as part of the development of Jurong Indistrial Estate in the mid 1960s, was one of the more profitable sections of the Malaysian run railway and fell into disuse in the early 1990s.

Large parts of the abandoned line have since been built over, although several sections of it, including a series of steel and concrete bridges and sections of tracks can still be found. The tunnels, all of which were constructed by Hong Guan Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. and lined with corrugated steel, are also still around. The westernmost tunnel, now under Jurong Pier Circus (previously the junction of Jalan Buroh and Jalan Pabrik) is difficult to reach. A third tunnel,  under Clementi Road, is being extended for the road widening project taking place above it.







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6 03 2017
Muhammad Saiful Adli


I may be able to get some photos of this railway at Jurong Port. I saw remnants of what I believe as railway tracks of this particular railway. I believe there is a station at Jurong Port.

6 03 2017
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

Hi Mr. Saiful, I would be most grateful if you are able to take photos of it! There were two spur lines that ran off the main line, one into Jurong Port – as is evident in the map below – there is little evidence of it that exists outside the port area (see also: A Journey to the West)

25 10 2017

Went there yesterday and the truss and girder bridges near Sunset Way have been sealed off. 😦

26 10 2017
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

They have been sealed off for safety.

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