A postcard from the past: Fitzpatrick’s on Orchard Road

21 06 2017

I miss the old Orchard Road. Laid back, when compared to the madness that now consumes the street, little remains of it except for a few memories and some precious photographs, which when they crop up are like postcards sent from the past.

One photograph that I was quite excited to come across is the one below. A scan that a new found friend kindly permitted me to scan, it is a rare shot taken inside Fitzpatrick’s supermarket in the very early 1970s, just as I remember it. The scene, complete with the inside ends of the checkout aisles and the cigarette display racks, brought back an instant recall of a place, its smell and of the brown paper bags the shopping would be packed into. I remember the latter especially well and a time when plastic bags, now a scourge to the environmental, were much less used widely used. Much was also reused and recycled such as the cartons that one picked up from a pile on the left after the checkouts that the shopping, particularly the heavier items were sometimes packed into.





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21 06 2017
Jimmy Y H Yap

Thanks so much on the memories of Fitzpatricks. May I know if you have any articles / photos on Killiney Rd – my apt is at corner of Killiney Rd / River Valley Rd ( 161 Killiney Rd – Claremont # 10-05 ). Mine is a Penthouse so I have 11 th floor. This side of Killiney Rd only 10 storeys allowed due LKY house at far end. This area has several bungalow houses in the past. When the LEE’s family matter is ironed out July 3 meeting we should soon hear whether they will demolish 38 Oxley Rd and change the Plot ratio as mentioned by LKY.
Killiney Rd, Lloyd Rd and Dublin Rd are all Irish names. By chance I am traveling to IRELAND Sep 22 to 1 Aug. Will also meet famous Author Patricia Schultz ( 1000 places to see before you die ). Many thanks – JImmy Yap 96 33 3387

22 06 2017
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

You’re welcome Jimmy! Do watch out for the next post. Have a great trip to Ireland! 🙂

22 06 2017
ken sim

yes i oso recall this supermart andother placeslikebatik inn, tivoli restaurant FAVOURED BY the ANZUK STATIONEDINSPORETHENANDOFTEN THE MPs will cometobreak up fights when some get drunk and caused trouble andtheother cafe next to the thai embassyandnlat butnotleast the TROPICANA theatre with topless shows as i am from the pioneer genera andhadexperience allthese includingtheold magnoliasnak br nexttokoekroad and come evenings the car park acrosswillbeconverted into a hawker center and the old pavilon theatre smuch memories of the good old days in the 60s and 70s sigh

22 06 2017
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

Thanks Ken. Photos related to some of what you recall :):

The (in(famous) Tivoli that you mention: Tivoli.

Ban Chuan Cafe next to the Thai Embassy:Ban CHuan Cafe.

Tropicana (posted by Julie Beedon on ‘On a Little Street in Singapore‘):
Tropicana (Julie Beedon).

The Magnolia Snack Bar:Magnolia Snack Bar at Orchard Road.

The car park turned hawker food paradise by night:Orchard Road carpark turned food paradise by night.

This may also be of interest: https://thelongnwindingroad.wordpress.com/2009/07/05/impressions-of-orchard-road-in-the-1970s/.

14 02 2019
Ai mee

Watch Pramlee film titled “Madu Tiga”,1964 film shown Fitzpatrick at minutes 21 to 23..source:youtube

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