Discovering Singapore’s Best Kept Secrets: Visit to Old Changi Hospital

25 08 2017

26 August 2017 8.20 am

A 2nd tour has been added at 1pm on 9 September 2017.

Details on registration will be posted at 1 pm today.

25 August 2017 9.07 am

Registration for the event has been closed as of 0835 hours, 25 August 2017. All slots have been taken up. Do look out for the next visit in the series, which will be to Old Admiralty House being scheduled for 16 September 2017 at 9 am to 11 am (rescheduled due to Presidential election on 23 September). More details will be out two weeks before the visit.

The fourth in the series of State Property visits that is being supported by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will present participants with a rare opportunity to visit the former Changi Hospital.

For this visit, participants will have to be 18 years old and above.

Registration is closed as all slots have been taken up. An email will be sent to registered participants with admin instructions a week prior to the visit.

Old Changi Hospital

The hospital traces its origins to the Royal Air Force(RAF) Hospital Changi. That was set up in 1947 to serve the then newly established RAF Station, Singapore’s third. The hospital operated out of two Barrack Hill buildings, one of which was actually designated for use as a medical centre in the context of the military camps of today. The buildings were built as part of the Changi garrison’s 1930s vintage Kitchener Barracks, which housed the Royal Engineers. Separated by a flight of 91 steps, it took quite an effort to move from one wing to the other.

Despite its less than ideal layout, the hospital gained a reputation of being one of the best medical facilities in the Far East. It was well liked by those who were warded there with its proximity to the sea. The hospital also played an important role during the Korean War. A ward was set up for use as a stopover for the “Flying Ambulance” service the RAF mounted. The service allowed wounded UN Command troops to be repatriated to their home countries via Singapore and London.

The hospital was also an important maternity hospital that served families with all arms of the military (not just the RAF) who were stationed in Singapore and counted more than 1000 new arrivals during its time as the RAF Hospital. An expansion exercise in 1962 gave the hospital a third block.

RAF Hospital Changi became the ANZUK Military Hospital following the 1971 pullout of British forces, then the UK Military Hospital, the SAF Hospital, and finally Changi Hospital. It closed in 1997 and the buildings have been left empty since. I will be sharing more on the hospital, its buildings and the history of the Changi garrison during the visit.




7 responses

25 08 2017

Hi Jerome, registration to visit the Old Changi Hospital is closed at 8.38 today, that is, 8 mins after it was opened. I would really like to visit this place. Therefore, kindly put me on the waiting list, should someone be unable to go,

Thanks & regards

25 08 2017
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

Sorry to hear about it Juneta, I guess you were a little too slow this time around. The available places went in 5 minutes.

30 09 2017
Muhammad Riddah Bin Zulfiqar

Hi olls would like to join the visit to Old Changi Hospital..

5 12 2017
Estella Yeo

Hi Mr Jerome Lim,

This is Miss Estella Yeo. I am a History Buff and I am always interested in “Colonial Singapore, Battle and Fall of Singapore and The Japanese Occupation.”

I am also interested and fascinated about the “Historical, Heritage and WWII Places” in Singapore.

It’s only today ( 5 Dec 2017 ) that I found out that there was a rare visit to the Old Changi Hospital on 25 & 26 Dec 2017. But I found out too late.

Mr Jerome Lim, I have always been fascinated and am interested in the “History of Old Changi Hospital.”

Could you kindly tell me when will there be a next visit to the Old Changi Hospital? That’s because I am very interested to tour the building.

Please kindly reply to me as soon as possible. I look forward to receiving your reply soon. Thank you.

6 04 2018

hi i want to visit this OLD CHANGI HOSPITAL, please email me at on how to visit this place. thanks.

27 06 2018
Janet irwin

Nice to see were i was born 57 years ago my farther was in the r a f i was christioned in st lukes chaple

14 09 2018

Im interested to join the event for 29 sept.
I would like to join the event.

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