West meets East, North meets South

18 07 2020

Great news!

Phaedra, a Greek tragedy, refreshingly reinterpreted through a combination of traiditional Chinese southern and northern performing art forms (Nanyin and Peking Opera) combined with modern dance, will being screened online by Lianhe Zaobao at 2 pm on Sunday 19 July 2020 (on their Facebook, Website and Youtube channels).

Photos taken during a rehearsal at the Stamford Arts Centre on 5 April 2019.

The performance is a collaboration between the locally based Nanyin troupe Siong Leng Musical Association, and Taiwan Guoguang Opera Company, made its Singapore debut during the reopening of Stamford Arts Centre in April 2019.

A synopsis is given on the Siong Leng Musical Association’s website:

For three hundred and sixty-five nights, the Queen wrestles with entangled emotions that are impossible to unravel. In her dreams, it is he who repeatedly shoves her to the ground. She can neither get up nor maintain her balance. Before she could take a good look at his face, or barely begin to fantasise about him “biting her lips”, her dreams would end abruptly.

The object of her desire is none other than the Prince, her cold and arrogant stepson.

Painfully aware of her status and responsibilities, she keeps her emotions in check. But when news broke that the King (her husband and his father) has died on the battlefield, she could no longer restrain herself. In his presence, she bares her soul and professes her love for him, only to have her neck slashed on top of being condemned a ‘shameless slut’ in return.

With her heart shattered and dignity crushed, the Queen has a final mission to fulfil. The King is alive after all ….


More photos from the 2019 rehearsal:





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