Dawn of the curious colossal bunny

27 09 2011

Many in Singapore would possibly have caught sight of a huge adorable white bunny popping up in their neighbourhoods all around island. The bunny or Walter as it is called, is an inflatable Helium filled PVC one and has made an appearance at the Marina Bay City Gallery (which it will be at until 30 September 2011). Together with a few other, I had the chance to meet Walter’s creator who is a Paris based Singaporean artist Dawn Ng, who was at the Marina Bay City Gallery to talk about Walter as well as about an upcoming exhibition she is holding in Singapore, ’31 Kinds of Wonderful’, for which she is in town for.

An illustration of Walter at the Marina Bay City Gallery by its creator Dawn Ng.

The curious colossal bunny outside the Marina Bay City Gallery (image source: URA).

For Dawn, creating Walter (who she says is very much a Singaporean) was very much an attempt to return to a past that has been overtaken by the ever-changing landscape of Singapore and a reaction to the prevailing sentiment that Singapore is boring. By creating a bunny, a pet in a colour that many children who kept rabbits as pets would remember them to be, and having it pop up at ordinary spaces all around Singapore (many of which Dawn has a childhood association with), Dawn hopes to draw attention to commonly overlooked spaces and have us relook at Singapore in the way children do. One interesting observation that Dawn made in speaking about her experience with guerrilla installations that involve Walter in Singapore is that there seems to be less resistance to them as most generally perceive that if there is something big appearing on their doorsteps – it must have received the blessings of the authorities.

Walter's made an appearance at various locations that are very much associated with Dawn Ng's childhood in Singapore (image source: http://www.dawn-ng.com).

Dawn also introduced an exhibition she is holding, ’31 Kinds of Wonderful’, which involves 31 individual creative pieces done over a period of 31 days of which her favourite was ‘Ming’. The exhibition will be held at A Curious Teepee and will open on 29 September 2011. For more information on Walter at the marina Bay City Gallery, do visit www.marina-bay.sg/walter.