The Cariad: photographs aboard another historical top sail ketch, built in 1896

21 04 2010

At berth across the Vega on display at Boat Asia 2010 was another historical top sail ketch, the Cariad, a purpose built racing yacht. The Cariad, named after the Welsh word for “Sweetheart” was built by Summers & Payne in Southampton for a Lord Dunraven in 1896 and is currently in magnificent condition, having undergone a full restoration in Korat, Thailand. It was certainly a treat to be able to step onto her expansive wooden deck and into the gleaming wood panelled accommodation below decks.

The Cariad in 1896 (source:

Designed by A. E. Payne, the Cariad’s hull is constructed of teak wood laid over a steel framework. The Cariad has an length overall of 118 feet, a beam of 81 feet and a draught of 12 feet 6 inches. She is currently powered by a 240 HP diesel engine. More information is available at the Cariad’s website.

The Cariad is a 114 year old top sail ketch built in Southampton.

Stern of the Cariad.

Polished wood name plate.

Ship's bell.

The helm.

The fore deck.

Rigging on deck.

The main deck.

Ropes on deck.

Compass repeater on the main deck.

The newly restored ketch is on sale at a princely sum of USD 3.5M.

Accommodation below decks.

The lounge below decks.

The heads.

A stateroom.


Hydrostatic information on the Cariad.

The Vega: A historical top sail ketch built in 1893

19 04 2010

I had the opportunity of going onboard a delightful little ketch, the Vega, at the recently concluded Boat Asia 2010. The pictures I have seen of the Vega, which is 117 year old, in full sail, conjures up images of salt seasoned seamen in oilskins braving the elements and the tempestuous seas, but seeing it at berth among the luxury cabin cruisers on display at  the boat show, the trimaran mega yacht White Rabbit Echo and the under construction Reflections at Keppel Bay forming the backdrop, seemed somewhat surreal.

The Vega is a historical ketch built in Norway in 1893.

The Vega's bow.

The Vega was restored in 1995 and flies the Maltese Flag.

The Vega, with its hull of teak, oak and pine, which was built originally as an open decked stone and slate carrier in 1893 in Hardanger, Norway, and rebuilt in 1905, trading on routes that took it along the coast of Norway and Sweden, is in excellent condition, having been restored in Denmark in 1995. A deck has been added and accommodation designed by the owner’s wife has been placed in what were the cargo holds, transforming the underdeck area into a delightful and cosy living space.

Principal Particulars of the Vega.

The Vega as she was as a top sail ketch (Source.

The Vega is currently being put to a noble cause and is involved in humanitarian missions, delivering food and medical supplies to the less accessible places such as the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea during the aftermath of the Tsunami, and is said to sail 10,000 nautical miles annually. It is currently crewed by her owner Captain Shane Granger, his wife and another crew member. More information on the Vega and her missions can be found at her website.

The Vega in full sail.

The Vega is used to deliver humanitarian aid to hard to access areas in need, such as in the Solomon Islands in the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami.

Blocks and tackle.

A tender carried at the stern.

Contributions for the upkeep and missions the Vega are involved in are most welcomed.

Throttle control.

The helm.

More tackle ...

The tool rack.


The galley.

Implements of the galley.

Glasses on the rack.

Sundries ...

The fo'c'sle store / accommodation.

Cosy and comfortable Captain's quarters aft of the engine room.

The Heads.

View of the Ketch at berth.

Main deck of the ketch.