Monoscapes: Mount Balwang

8 04 2013

The landscape at the top of Mount Balwang, Yongpyong, South Korea in winter. The peak at 1458 metres above sea level is accessible via cable-car from Yongpyong. The mountain is part of the Baekdudaegan mountain range which runs down almost the length of the Korean Peninsula.



Sunrise over a world the sun may soon set on

9 02 2013

A photograph taken at 7.14 am of this morning’s sunrise at Kampong Wak Hassan, the last of the year of the dragon, using the Canon 5D MkIII camera’s HDR mode, the results of which did surprise me.

JeromeLim Sunrise 20130209 0714


17 01 2013

An old playground and an old memory …


Sunrise on a day some said the sun would not rise

22 12 2012

7.04am 21 December 2012. Sunrise over the Straits of Johor.


Calm in the face of danger

27 08 2012

Cross cultural cross dressing

14 08 2012

Spotted last week at a void deck in one of Singapore’s housing estates – an ang mo man in a nonya kebaya. And, if you are as puzzled as the little girl in the photograph is as to what this is all about, do stay tuned … all will soon be revealed …