A fascination with flying machines: some alternative views of the Airshow

6 02 2010

Flying machines have caught the imagination of many a young boy or girl and I guess still does for the adults that the young boys and girls have become. I for one have had varying degrees of fascination for these machines, peaking with each encounter I had with an aeroplane. It was after an excursion in kindergarten to the airport that provided the motivation for me aspiring to be a pilot. I am not sure how long that aspiration lasted – weeks, or perhaps months, as did my ambition to become an astronaut in the wake of the first lunar landing. The fascination I had would probably have peaked with the first Concorde flight into Singapore in June 1972, during which an uncle rounded up my cousins, my sister and me, to excitedly watch the landing from the viewing gallery of the Paya Lebar Intentional airport. For a while, I was into drawing the Concorde (which I didn’t do very well), with its drooped nose, delta wings and all … and I would surround myself with news on the Concorde and a Soviet counterpart – the TU 144. Whatever it was, today, the Singapore Airshow provided me with an opportunity to revisit the childhood fascination I had with aeroplanes …

The Singapore Airshow has provided me with an opportunity to revisit the childhood fascination I had with aeroplanes .

Having revisited my childhood fascination, I was left with a different perspective. The airshow is not just about the flying display which draws the crowds, especially this year’s which had a the Korean T-50 and the RAAF F-111 grounded. However, being at the airshow on a trade day does allow you to have many photo taking opportunities that a crowded public day wouldn’t – providing the opportunity for some alternative views of the airshow …

"Bombs" on display: Drinks that cost a bomb at the Airshow.

The flying machines were not the only thing taking off. Umbrellas were deployed in full force due to the blazing sun.

Here's looking at you.

Tail and winglet.

A jet engine on display.

Airbus 330-200F.


The control tower.

Watching over the Firescout UAV

Rocket Pods on the AH-64 Apache

An executive jet on display.

Strobe light on the Fire Scout UAV.

Exhaust port on the Fire Scout UAV.

Fire Scout UAV.

Global Hawk UAV.

Lockheed Martin's F-35J.

CH-47 SG Chinook.

Gulfstream G550 AEW airborne early warning and control system aircraft.

A USAF F-15E through the eyes of a trolley ring.

Afterburner of the RAAF F-111.

An alternative view of the airshow provided by a leading edge.

After the flying display.

The view downwards during the flying display - evidence of the light breeze which made it a lot cooler!

Another view downwards during the flying display which didn't live up to expectations this year.


A F-16 and a AH-64 Apache crossing paths?

Wilting in the heat of the day.

A friend mentioned that this looks like a racy toilet seat cover.