Time to joget at Kampong Gelam

15 10 2022

It was joget time tinged with quite a fair bit of nostalgia on the front lawn of the Istana Kampong Gelam last evening during the gala opening of the MHC ClosingFest. The event also saw Guest-of-Honour, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of National Development letting his hair down by reciting a pantun and joining in at the end of the joget session.

The opening gala is part of a series of activities being held as part of MHC ClosingFest as the MHC or Malay Heritage Centre winds down (or rather up) towards its closure at the end of October for a revamp (it is scheduled to reopen in 2025). Besides the last night’s event, a series of activities are also being held across weekends in October that will not only celebrate the legacy and milestones of MHC, which the former palace of the descendants of Sultan Hussein houses, but also celebrates of the cultures of the Nusantara, from which some members of the wider Malay community in Singapore trace their roots to.

The Bazaar Nusantara, which is being held this weekend (15/16 Oct 2022 4 to 10 pm) for example, will feature the cuisines and cultural practices of the Baweanese, Bugis and Banjarese. There will be performances of Baweanese silat and Javanese kuda kepang, as well as a keris (dagger) cleansing ritual.

More information on the activities can be found on the MHC’s Peatix page.


A delightful song and dance about Katong

22 02 2022

Betel Box Tours must be applauded for its most recent effort at bringing out the wonderful tales that are connect with the especially colourful district of Katong. Titled Katong Dreaming: A Musical Tour, the tour involves a walk of discovery through the district’s much storied streets with its stories told through verse, through song and through dance. Created by August Lum, Marc Nair, Mark Nicodemus Tan and Valerie Lim, and produced by Jamie Lee, two of the wonderfully talent team – Mark Tan, who takes on the role of guide, narrator and singer (he dances too) and independent movement artist Valerie Lim, expertly provide a highly entertaining and refreshing take on Katong’s streets, back lanes, personalities, cultural and religious sites. The tour is certainly well worth the two hours and the price of the ticket!

The musical tour runs until the end of March 2022 and tickets (and further information) may be obtained through: https://katongdreaming.peatix.com/.

Katong Dreaming: A Musical Tour — performed by Mark Tan and Valerie Lim.

About Katong Dreaming: A Musical Tour

Katong is always a delight to visit, with its colourful houses, sleepy streets and culinary treasures. But Katong also holds a rich history, steeped in Peranakan culture and traditions, brimming with surprising stories.

Katong Dreaming: A Musical Tour, is a performance art tour created by August Lum, Marc Nair, Mark Nicodemus Tan, and Valerie Lim. It is produced by Jamie Lee for Betel Box Tours, supported under the STB-NAC Performing Arts Tours Pilot Grant, an initiative by the Singapore Tourism Board and National Arts Council to encourage the development and test-bedding of innovative performing arts tours by tour operators.

This two-hour walking tour begins at the southern border of Katong at East Coast Road before winding through Ceylon Road, Joo Chiat Road, Koon Seng Road, and Tembeling Road. In three broad chapters, familiar experiences of food, faith and historical landmarks are woven together through cross-disciplinary art forms into a groundbreaking blend of musical theatre, site-specific performance and tour guiding.

Valerie Lim and Mark Tan

About the Artists:

Marc Nair is a poet who works at the intersection of art forms. His work revolves around the ironies of everyday life. He has published ten collections of poetry.

Valerie is an independent movement artist. The mysteries of the human body, multi-disciplinary and immersive works deeply thrill her. She believes life must be spent pursuing what makes us feel the most alive.

August is a musical storyteller, who has been making sounds for a variety of mediums, from stage to film to theme parks as well. Included in his wish-list is the desire to write music for a dramatic series, as well as background music for certain public spaces.

Mark is a musician, writer, performer, and tourist guide. All of the aforementioned stages allow him to talk about his loves for art, music, history, football, and cricket, to audiences who have no choice but to listen.

Photographs taken during the tour

Preparing for the harvest festival

12 01 2020

One of the great joys of living in multi-ethnic and multi-religious Singapore, is the array of festivals wonderful festivals that bring life and colour to the streets. Just as Chinatown prepares to welcome the Chinese New Year this January, we see Little India come to life for the Tamil harvest festival Pongal. Besides the annual light-ups, the two ethnic precincts also feature crowded street bazaars with the festival essentials on offer.

In Little India, the Pongal is especially colourful with displays of pongal clay pots, produce representing the harvest such as sugarcane – adding much flavour the area around Campbell Lane – where the street bazaar is set up in the days leading up to the festival. There is also a chance to see livestock in the form of cattle and goats, which are brought in for the celebrations each year.

The celebration of the festival proper, begins with the eve – the last day of the Tamil month of Margazhi, which falls on 14 January of the western calendar and carries on for three more days. A description of the festival is  provided by Mr Manohar Pillai in a post on the Facebook Group “On a Little Street in Singapore“:

Pongal is the biggest and most important festival for the Tamilians, since ancient times and transcends all religious barriers since it signifies thanks giving to nature and domestic animals. Cattle, cows, goats, chickens are integral part of a farmer in India. It is celebrated for three days in Tamilnadu starting from 15th to 17th January. Vegetarian food will be served only in Hindu households. Thanksgiving prayers will be offered to the Sun, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Ether, without these life cannot be sustained on Mother Earth. The celebrations comes on close to the harvest season which just ended and Jan 15 is the beginning of the new Tamil calendar.

Clay Pots are used to cook flavoured rice with traditional fire wood in the open air and facing the early morning Eastern Sun. The Sun’s early morning rays are supposedly to bring benevolence to the household. The cooked rice is distributed to all the members of the household and with it the festivities begins. Everyone wears new clothes and very old and useless clothes are burnt the previous night.

The next day the farmer turns his attention to the animals especially the Cattle and Cows.

The third day all people celebrate it with gaiety and grandly.

More on the festival and how it is celebrated in Little India can be found in these posts:

More photographs taken this year:


In search of love in the old GPO

14 04 2017

I loved the old GPO. It was a post office like none other in Singapore. Its main hall, which you entered after a climb up a short flight of stairs, was grand and airy. Stretching almost the entire length of the building, the hall was also where the long postal counter was found. That ran along the hall’s length and held the distinction of being the longest in the world.  Like all old buildings, the GPO – now the Fullerton Hotel has its collection of stories, including ones that tell of romantic liaisons.

In search of romance – a civil servant, played by Isabelle Chiam, gets everyone at the Minsitry of Finance involved.

An opportunity to discover the romances of the past, and also the building’s colourful history – in a fun and amusing way – presents itself with “A Fullerton Love Story Tour”.  Led by a resident tour guide, participants are taken on a search for romance – not of their own – but between a love struck postman at the GPO, played by Edward Choy, and his love interest – a civil servant with the Ministry of Finance housed in the same building – played by Isabelle Chiam. Participants also become part of the story as they move through various historic spots that include the Singapore Club, Fullerton Square, the Presidential Suite and the location of the Fullerton Building’s former lighthouse.

The love struck postman, played by Edward Choy.

View from the lighthouse towards what used to be the harbour.

Tours, which will be held from 8pm to 9.30 pm on 29 April, 6 May and 13 May 2017, are available for booking at http://afullertonlovestorytour.peatix.com. Priced at $78 nett for adults and $58 nett for children between 6 to 11, the tours will be followed by desserts at The Courtyard crafted by Executive Pastry Chef, Enrico Pezzelato.

The resident tour guide.

Besides the tour, which is being held in conjunction with the Singapore Heritage Festival 2017, the Fullerton Hotel is also bring back the TENG Ensemble for a showcase of brand new Singapore-inspired works. The showcase, “Where the River Always Flows II”, will include songs by P. Ramlee and Zubir Said and two East-West pieces specially commissioned  by the Fullerton Heritage.  Tickets for the concert, which will be held at the East Garden on 29 April 2017 at 7 pm, are available at $3 each at http://wheretheriveralwaysflows2.peatix.com.  More information on the concert and the tour can be found at the Fullerton Heritage’s website.

Enchanted Garden – one of five desserts guests on the tour will get to choose from.

A world I would love to be trapped in

25 01 2013

One current exhibition that is certainly well worth a visit to is one that is devoted entirely to building bricks most of us would have been familiar with from our childhoods. ‘The Art of The Brick’ at the ArtScience Museum which opened on 17 November 2012 and will run until 14 April 2013, takes visitors into the world of 39 year old Nathan Sawaya, whose life-long obsession with Lego building bricks has seen him abandon his job as an attorney to devote himself to the ‘art of the brick’.

Step into the world of Nathan Sawaya at the ArtScience Museum.

Trapped, one of the brick pieces that offers a look into the world of Nathan Sawaya at the ArtScience Museum. Trapped is inspired by the artist’s feelings of being trapped. Speaking of being trapped – Sawaya’s world is one I certainly wouldn’t mind being trapped in.

I was provided with the opportunity to visit the exhibition recently by good people of the ArtScience Museum. The visit provided me not only with the opportunity to see the artist’s work, but also step into the artist’s own world seen through some of his work which includes both representative brick sculptures as well as one which explore surrealist themes in what is some of the more fascinating pieces. Sawaya’s obsession with what is indeed a very popular and timeless toy we were told began at the age of five. Not being able to get that pet dog he had wanted, Sawaya did the next best thing – he dismantled his Lego city brick set and built a dog with it which he named Boxer.

The entrance to the exhibition. The exhitbition runs until 14 April 2013.

The entrance to the exhibition. The exhitbition runs until 14 April 2013.

Sawaya decided to turn what had in his working years become a means to blow off steam. It was when he realised that his sharing of his hobby on his website brickartist.com was receiving quite a fair bit of attention that he decided to dedicate his life to being a ‘brick artist’ first joining Lego before setting up his own art gallery in New York City.

A giant FaceMask.

A giant FaceMask.

The 52 large-scale brick pieces at the exhibition are displayed across eight galleries. In the first gallery, we are introduced to the artist himself, with several pieces through which Sawaya reveals some of his personal take on himself. The gallery includes several ‘iconic’ pieces including ‘Yellow’ and ‘Swimmer’. My personal favourite among the works in the gallery is Yellow which depicts a human torso tearing its chest open. Thousands of toy bricks can be seen to spill out from the gap. The work represents the artist’s personal metamorphosis and transitions and is said to capture his emotional journey in which the artist opened himself up to the world.

Yellow - which represents Sawaya's personal metamorphosis and transitions, and captures his emotional journey.

Yellow – which represents Sawaya’s personal metamorphosis and transitions, and captures his emotional journey.

Another piece in the Introduction Gallery - 'Hands' which depicts a dream Sawaya had in which he loses his hands.

Another piece in the Introduction Gallery – ‘Hands’ which depicts a dream Sawaya had in which he loses his hands.

The seven other galleries are no less interesting. The next one we come to is the Catwalk Gallery where works are displayed on a runway like platform. Works here that caught my eye were Circle, Triangle, Square and Everlasting. Another interesting gallery is the Portrait Gallery, where there are some familiar faces in 2D – all made again from Lego bricks which I thought was rather amazing. Among the portraits are those of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and Janis Joplin. What is interesting to learn about is the approach that the artist takes when creating a 2D portrait is that he starts off with the eyes – after which he says everything falls into place. The choice of colour is also important we are told. Sawaya, despite his talent in creating 2D likenesses of famous personalities with Lego bricks, we are also told, does not like to take on commercial commissions for 2D portraits for fear that he may offend clients should the work not come out right.

Circle, Trangle, Square in the Catwalk Gallery.

Circle, Trangle, Square in the Catwalk Gallery.



Close-up of a portrait of Janis Joplin.

Close-up of a portrait of Janis Joplin.

Close-up of a portrait of Bob Dylan.

Close-up of a portrait of Bob Dylan.

And one of Jimi Hendrix.

And one of Jimi Hendrix.

Our very able guide Dina, speaking on Courtney Yellow - a portrait of Sawaya's then girlfriend (and now wife) Courtney Simmons.

Our very able guide Dina, speaking on Courtney Yellow – a portrait of Sawaya’s then girlfriend (and now wife) Courtney Simmons.

Another gallery which I did take my time to look at was The Emotion Box which has pieces all of which seemed to have a deeper meaning in them. Stepping into the gallery one encounters works that are mesmerisingly fascinating such as Mask, Ascension, Grasp and Trapped. There certainly are deeper meanings that one will discover in the works. Ascension depicts the artists desire to ascend to a higher place without experiencing death, whereas, Grasp refers to the many people telling the artist ‘no’ – people he would like to rid his life of.







One work that will certainly impress is a six metre long one – a T-Rex skeleton at the Art of Play. The last gallery is where you will find a brick sculpture of a familiar sight – that of the ArtScience Museum itself. The piece was specially commissioned by the ArtScience Museum and was created without the artist having actually visited the museum, and purely from 2D images.

The six metre long T-Rex skeleton.

The six metre long T-Rex skeleton.

One of the ArtScience Museum.

One of the ArtScience Museum.



The exhibition also has several areas which allow visitor interaction, including light and sound displays, a photobooth, a Play and Build area and an area where visitors can attempt to recreate Sawaya’s rain. The exhibtion is open from 10 am to 10 pm daily (last entry is at 9 pm). More information on the exhibition and ticket prices can be found at the ArtScience Museum’s website.

Writer in The Drawing Board gallery.

Writer in The Drawing Board gallery.

Interacting with light.

Interacting with light.



An invasion of pumpkins

3 10 2012

Step into the Flower Dome, one of the two cooled conservatories at the Gardens by the Bay, this October and November and what will greet you is the surprise of the orange glow of 1,500 pumpkins, on show as part of the Autumn Harvest seasonal display at the Flower Field. The 850 square metre Flower Field, the centrepiece of the Flower Dome, has as part of the Autumn Harvest display, been decorated with some 18,000 blooms – Sunflowers, Marigolds, Lavenders, Heucheras, Calla Lilies, Tomatoes, Kales and Chrysanthemums, which mixed with scarecrows, wheelbarrows, hay, hay rabbits, a cornucopia, and different coloured ears of corn, gives that sense of the time of harvest that is associated with the warm glow of autumn.

Some 1,500 pumpkins will colour the Flower Field orange.

The Flower Field will be decorated with scarecrows and wooden wheelbarrows to give a sense of the harvest season in the warm glow of autumn.

They are sunflowers ….

and some 18,000 blooms as part of the Autumn Harvest display on the Flower Field.

The pumpkins, a fruit which ripens in the autumn, are at the heart of the display. A total of 10 varieties including green marbled and white miniature pumpkins with a combined weight of 1 tonne have been flown in from Oregon, USA, specially for the display. Amongst the 1500 pumpkins and exotically shaped gourds, there is one that will certainly catch the eye – a giant pumpkin, the diameter of which I have been told is about 1 metre!

The giant pumpkin.

A rabbit made of hay.

Autumn Harvest will be on display from now up until the end of November and is part of the changing display on the Flower Field that reflects different seasons and festivals through the year. More information on the Gardens by the Bay, opening times and admission charges to the conservatories can be found at the website.

Varieties of corn and a cornucopia – the horn of plenty also decorate the Flower Field.

Autumn Harvest provides a wonderful backdrop for photos.

Other recent views around the Gardens by the Bay

The 30 metre high waterfall off the Cloud Mountain in the second cooled conservatory – the Cloud Forest.

The Supertree Grove at sunset.

The OCBC Skywalk at the Supertree Grove.

Getting intimate during Overtime

30 01 2011

I was never one that was motivated to frequent the area that is known as Dempsey Hill and maybe finding myself there voluntarily, twice in a two month period, would have been seen as odd. But of course, the circumstances of my being there had changed since my days of trudging up the gentle incline of the hill often enough to leave me with a dread of the hours I would spend in getting permission to travel out of the country. That was at a time when the single storey blocks that were typical of the British military establishments found around Singapore, housed the Exit Permit Office of the Central Manpower Base (CMPB), to which I needed to submit myself to everytime I wanted to leave the country since I turned twelve.

Dempsey Hill is a very different place from the one that I used to trudge reluctantly up to during its days as CMPB.

These days, Dempsey Hill is a different place, one that despite the numerous rumours of supernatural sightings, is no longer haunted by its association with its days as part of the Ministry of Defence complex that had occupied the area. Dempsey Hill is today, a place that despite its relative inaccessibility by public transport, is growing in popularity as a destination for the many fine dining establishments that now fill the dusty offices where the sounds of army boots and typewriters had once dominated. It was to one of these establishments, many not so much a fine dining, but an establishment that serves not just great food, but also along with it, great beer and great entertainment, that combined with the wonderful setting it is in, make it a wonderful place to not just dine, catch up over a few drinks but also to chill out after a day at the office.

Great tasting food at Overtime complements the great tasting Stärker Fresh Beer.

Stärker Fresh Beer comes in two varieties, the Aromatic and Lager ...

Having already taken up an invitation to attend its grand opening, which featured none other than the international Taiwanese based superstar, Lin Chi Ling, during which I had become acquainted with the brand of beer it serves, I was quite happy to accept an offer to attend an “initmate” food tasting session at the establishment Overtime. With a wonderful array of food on offer, ranging from a choice of 39 skewers to various different platters on its menu, who could resist the invitation, and just as I wasn’t disappointed with the excitement of the grand opening of the outlet, I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the so called intimate session.

There is a full menu that offers platters, skewers and even some local favourites.

In the excellent company of the wonderful PR personnel, and an old friend, it wasn’t hard to get intimate and commit one of the seven deadly sins – with the food that is, as the seemingly never ending flow of platters and skewers came fast and furious. Besides the German styled Stärker Fresh Beer, which is brewed in Malaysia on offer, the interesting beverage menu also includes a few interesting Overtime creations, Beer Cocktails made with Stärker Beer, which offers a refreshing beverage as an alternative to anyone with a sense of adventure. You can choose to Go Naked, or have a Caribbean Night or as we were recommended, the Lychee Slush, which proved to be sweet and light beverage if you aren’t keen on a full glass of beer.

The Lychee Slush, a light and refreshing beer cocktail on offer at Overtime.

The platters and skewers on offer are a fusion of east and west, asian influenced flavours, some mixed with western type foods such as the Jumbo Sausage. A favourite, Platter A on the menu, Crunchy Pork complemented with Crispy Fried Mushrooms and Fish Fillets, certainly did not disappoint, as did the several skewers that went smoothly down with the pint of Aromatic Stärker Beer I decided to indulge in this time. The highlight for me was the Teriyaki Beef, which was lightly flavoured and tender and moist as I like my beef, as well as the Squid Skewer – squid grilled to perfection.

Platter A - Crunchy Pork, complemented by Crispy Fried Mushrooms and Fish Fillet - yummy!

There are also some delicious salads on offer including a Thai Style Calamari Salad.

The sumptuous squid skewer ...

Homestyle Prawn Crackers with Deep Fried Bean Curd ...

It was a great night that had to end too soon, as I had an early start for the following morning. With the knowledge that besides the wonderful beer and food that was on offer, and also the information that a delightful local band The Repeats, who performed at the grand opening would soon be performing three acts every night from 7.00 pm onwards, Dempsey Hill and the single storey blocks that I used to reluctantly visit, would probably see a lot more of me in days to come.

The Repeats will perform 3 acts every night from 7pm onwards at Overtime's Dempsey Hill outlet.

A parting shot ... the air-conditioning vent on the ceiling ...

Doing OverTime with International Celebrity Lin Chi Ling on Dempsey Hill

17 12 2010

[Click on this link for details of Overtime’s X’mas and New Year Promotion].

I was fortunate to be able to “Let My Hair Down and BLOG” at the Grand Opening of Singapore’s latest happening place OverTime @ Dempsey Hill. With the promise of free flow of “fresh beer”, great food, great music, great company in the form of like-minded bloggers (most of them probably half my age), and an appearance by “The First Face of Taiwan”, International Celebrity Lin Chi Ling (林志玲), it was certainly worth putting everything else aside including a Christmas party to spend a Thursday evening at.

OverTime at 18E Dempsey Hill is one of two OverTime outlets to hit Singapore this December. The other is at Holland Village.

Taiwanese Celebrity Lin Chi Ling was to make an appearance on the evening to open the outlet.

OverTime @ Dempsey Hill seen here. Its three outlets in Kuala Lumpur have been a hit since they opened in 2009.

Arriving early enough before the official starting time at 7 pm, I was surprised to see that a huge crowd had already arrived on the scene as well as a crowd of curious onlookers, drawn perhaps by a banner with a image of Lin Chi Ling. That I guess was a sign of things to come and it wasn’t long before space within the outlet felt like a premium. Promptly served with half a pint of the house brand Stärker Beer, which was first introduced in Malaysia a year ago and is apparently brewed with German technical know-how, I was pleasantly surprised by its full-bodied taste. Not too bad I thought. The beer I was to find out later, comes in two variations: Lager and Aromatic.

OverTime is also home to Stärker Fresh Beer which comes in either Lager or Aromatic variations.

Next it was time to sample the food. Maybe I was hungry having skipped lunch (not so much in anticipation of the free food but to make time at the end of the day for the event), but the fried rice that was served was just what I was craving for with the little bits of salted fish, along with other food which was actually from the kitchen – great stuff! All then that was left was to savour the happening atmosphere of the place, share a few laughs with funny man Yong Wei and await the arrival of Lin Chi Ling entertained by the live band on stage.

The happening crowd at the Grand Opening of OverTime @ Dempsey Hill.

The ever humourous Yong Wei ...

There was great entertainment to accompany the great food and beer.

Some of my fellow bloggers posing for a photograph.

Blogger Ying Zi being interviewed.

With the wonderful atmosphere and company, it didn’t seem long before Lin Chi Ling arrived as scheduled at 8.45 pm in a minibus … which she stepped gracefully out of accompanied by her entourage. For a while I got to be a member of the Paparazzi trying to get a good photograph of her as she made her way to entrance. It certainly wasn’t easy doing it and perhaps I have a bit more respect for the Paparazzi, not so much for what they do, but more for how hard it really is for them to do what they do. The gorgeous Lin Chi Ling passed through like a flash, and before I knew it, she had opened the outlet, vanishing quickly into the press tent where she spent the rest of the evening being interviewed by the mainstream media. I waited for a while, hoping perhaps to get a better shot of her thinking she would be out soon. But on hearing that there was a large queue of interviewer lying in wait, I thought against it. It was time perhaps to go back in and join the crowd, but then I thought against it as well, not wanting to be tempted by the free flow of beer as I would have to get behind the wheel later, so in anticipation of a long day I had ahead the very next day, I reluctantly decided to also part company with the great new place, the great atmosphere and the great company (not to forget the great beer), knowing that I will definitely be back soon to do lots of OverTime!

The "First Face of Taiwan", Lin Chi Ling gracing the occasion.

One more of Lin Chi Ling leaving the stage.

Some of the Who's Who of Singapore were also seen at the event.

A member of the beer brigade...

Definitely a place to do lots of OverTime!


(Promotion on from 23rd Dec 2010 to 1st Jan 2011)

Stärker Promotion:
Opening to 7pm: Buy 1 pint get 1 pint free.
7pm to 12am: Buy 1 pint get a ½ pint free. (extended happy hour).

33 Fushion Skewer Promotion:
5pm to 12am
With every purchase of 2 litres of Stärker, you get 2 sets of 2 skewers free!
With every purchase of 5 litres of Starker, you get 2 sets of 5 skewers free!

Spot a cicak and stand a chance to win a Sony Cyber-shot TX5!

4 08 2010

Well, that’s true … but not just looking for the ordinary cicak which I once almost made a meal of, but Guido the Gecko. If you don’t already know about GuideGecko Inside Out, you might like to check it out … as it offers lots of insider tips on what to see and do, where to eat, shop and party in Singapore and touted as “Singapore‟s most complete lifestyle resource” by Dr. Daniel Quadt, the Founder and Managing Director of GuideGecko. Based on its press release, Inside Out is said to offer something new for everyone, such as the Labrador Secret Tunnels or the Spicy Food Challenge in Little India, with tips accompanied by reviews, photos and videos.

Looking for and photographing a Gecko can win you a camera! But, not any ordinary Gecko, but Guido the Gecko!

Based on information contained in its press release yesterday, GuideGecko Inside Out is now running a contest up to the end of September, which is said to allows GuideGecko to showcase all the great places Singapore has to offer, while providing contestants with fun and with the thrill of winning win a top-notch camera. The contest kicks off at all Harry’s Bar outlets islandwide, where staff are wearing Guido the Gecko badges. Visitors are welcome to approach them, take a funny close-up snapshot with the Gecko mascot on the badge, and share it on www.facebook.com/GuideGecko. The best and craziest photos will be featured on www.GuideGecko.com/catch-guido, and the most liked photo wins a brand new Sony Cyber-shot TX5 camera. A live Guido will be on location, encouraging visitors to take funny photos. New places to explore and spot Guido the Gecko will be added weekly until September 30, along with attractive prizes. From the National Day weekend onwards, Guido will be at the Singapore Flyer celebrating Singapore‟s 45th birthday. Other confirmed venues in the following weeks include Bollywood Veggies Farm, The French Stall and more. More information on the contest, including current prizes and the weekly venues to spot Guido the Gecko can be found at www.GuideGecko.com/catch-guido. Singapore Inside Out can be found at www.GuideGecko.com/singapore.

About GuideGecko
GuideGecko is an innovative publishing platform, travel book store and online community for travel, food and lifestyle guides. GuideGecko currently offers more than 3300 guidebooks as print and PDF download, on 169 countries and 270 cities and regions around the world.

Singapore Inside Out, GuideGecko‟s latest addition, features the most complete online guide to Singapore, with over 880+ insider tips on what to see and do, the best restaurants, shops and bars – all with photos and videos. An integrated online community enables users to connect with like-minded members and share their own reviews, photos and videos.

For media enquiries, please contact:
Dr. Daniel Quadt
Email: media@guidegecko.com
Telephone: +65 94 555 974