The Singapore of my younger days (Pg 2)

A collection of posts on the Singapore that I knew

School days in St. Michael’s School

First days of school

The very first days of life at school in St. Michael’s School.

Epok-Epok, sports days and the marvels of MILO

The second year in the afternoon session, memories of the epok-epok man, jolly lolly and sports days and MILO.

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The commercial heart of Singapore

Raffles Place

Raffles Place, then and now.

Five Foot Ways and Glass Displays

Memories of shopping on High Street.

Clifford Pier

The gateway to the roads that lay to the south of Singapore.

Ocean Building and the Straits Steamship Company

The curved buildings that stood at the end of Collyer Quay and the shipping company that it was home to.

The wonderland that was Battery Road

Battery Road these days bring to mind skyscrapers and bank buildings. Back in the days when I was growing up, it seemed a different world altogether – a world of old buildings that were dominated by the 16 storey Bank of China building – the only “skyscraper” there, and a wonderland of pies: the Wonderland Cafe.

Singapore Polytechnic at Prince Edward Road

The “bright” lights of Prince Edward Road and the Polytechnic by the sea: the old Polytechnic and the delicious food at the Prince Edward Road carpark.

Tanjong Pagar and the tale of the swordfish attack on Singapore

Tanjong Pagar, where the attack of the swordfish was said to have happened as recorded in the Malay Annals (the story of Singapura dilanggar todak), and memories of the triumph of J B Jeyaretnam in the 1981 General Election.

The “Corner House”: Connell House on Anson Road

Connell House and the Connell House swimming pool that I frequented in the early 1970s.

Singapore’s first overhead bridge on Collyer Quay

Where Singapore’s first overhead pedestrian bridge was located and a bit of history on the pedestrian crossing rules and signs.

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Sembawang and Nee Soon

The star of Chong Pang

The original Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea which was located at Chong Pang Village.

Sembawang, as I remember it

An introduction to the Sembawang that I once knew.

Sembawang, as it is today …

Sembawang as it is today. What’s left of the coastal villages such as Kampong Tanjong Irau and Kampong Tengah are just a few reminders.

Memories of the Old Chong Pang

The search for reminders of the old Chong Pang Village where Sembawang housing estate now stands.

More views of Old Chong Pang

A walk back in time to the Chong Pang of old.

Where a car once plunged into the sea: The Mata jetty in Sembawang

Memories of the Mata Jetty in Sembawang.

Post Offices of old

The old Post Office Buildings and the former Nee Soon Post Office building.

That old rusty red coloured building along Sembawang Road

The rusty red zinc building that was a landmark along Sembawang Road – the rubber factory that once belonged to Lim Nee Soon.

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Changi, Tanah Merah and Somapah

Changi Beach

Where we could once drive right up to the beach, and have picnics right out of the boot of the car, or wade through the waters at low tide and have a barbeque of the harvest from the sea right on the beach.

Mata Ikan

Memories of Mata Ikan where I spent many of the holidays in my pre-school days at.

Tanah Merah and Kampong Ayer Gemuruh

The idyllic Tanah Merah coastline, where David Marshall had his villa by the sea, and memories of the holiday bungalows near Kampong Ayer Gemuruh.

The Changi Village that I loved

The Changi Village of the 1960s and early 1970s, which offered an escape as well as the opportunity to chill-out at one of the eating places or take a lazy Sunday afternoon stroll at.

Fairy Point and Changi Point

The once protected holiday area where the likes of Mr Lee Kuan Yew took his holidays west of Changi Village.

The lost world of Somapah Village

The bustling village at the tenth mile of Changi Road which served as a gateway to Mata Ikan and the Tana Merah area.

The Swastika at the Tenth Mile

The Red Swastika School and its huge red swastika which never failed to catch my attention along Somapah Road.

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My Early Days in Commonwealth Crescent

The almost forgotten earliest days of my life spent in the Commonwealth Crescent neighbourhood of Queenstown.

The Church of the Blessed Sacrament

The Catholic Church in Queenstown which dates back to the early days of my life and the one the first house of worship that I would have entered.

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5 responses

1 09 2011
Peter Tan

Hi! We are an interest group (ex-students of Nee Soon Primary) at facebook: and just wondering if you have any pict on Nee Soon Primary School? Or would you care to join us in this group?

Pete 😉

20 12 2013
Lai Heng

Peter, whatever happened to the page?

29 11 2015
Cheng Teck

Am from Nee Soon School too. Would like to join the facebook group but cannot get connected with the link. Is the link still valid ? Thanks

29 12 2011
David Hawton

Hi Peter, I attended Nee Soon Primary and also Alexandra Junior between1963-65. Not sure if i have any photos, but i can try asking my mother. Have you heard from mant others? i would love to get in touch – problem is i cannot remember most of their names due to moving around and meeting so many people

10 04 2012
Teddy Bradley

Hi. I also attended Nee Soon Primary 1964-65. We lived in Jelang Telang. Sadly all that I can remember of names is that of our teacher, Miss Carol.

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