Colours of Bangkok

18 11 2010

As with many other living parts of Asia, there is much to catch the eye wandering around the streets of Asia’s City of Angels, Bangkok. There certainly is a lot more to the city than the abundance of well photographed sights and scenes that the city provides, which often jump out at you without having to strain the eye. Bangkok is a city where there is in fact no shortage of wonderful colours and textures that not just add to the colour of the city, but also brings the city to life …

Local oranges ready for juicing.

Sweetcorn on the steamer.

Groundnuts on the steamer.

Grapes for sale.

Eggs being transported.

Chocolate coated bananas.

Bottled drinks on sale.

In the basket of a food vendor.

Tuk-tuks ...

Graffiti at a construction site.

Books at a second hand book shop.

Overhead telephone lines against a background of ventilation louvres.

Reflection off a puddle of water.

Parasols of street vendors along Sukhumvit Road.

Display of a street footwear vendor.

Shoes on sale at Chatuchak market.

Charcoal stoves on display.

Roofs of stalls at Chatuchak market as seen from the Skytrain.

Three perspectives of a house through ventilation openings at Makkasan Station.

Roofs of houses.

Lines of the Skytrain.

Cans of milk at a tea vendor at Chatuchak.




6 responses

18 11 2010
Frankie Koh

Nice collection of vibrant color pictures : )

19 11 2010
The wondering wanderer

Thanks for the feedback!

19 11 2010

Hi Jerome, these are lovely shots. When I was in Bangkok, I enjoyed tasting the banana fritters from a cart near the Chao Praya River. The Thai fritters are different
from our goreng pisang – fried in thinner slices and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Did you try them?

19 11 2010
The wondering wanderer

Thanks Sharifah! 🙂 Didn’t get a chance to try the banana fritters this time … but did get a lot of the delicious street food down – including the sweet corn in the photo! 😀

19 11 2010

Love these shots. Great use of color, patterns, and DOF. I really like the soft drinks – never thought to see them like that through a camera!

19 11 2010
The wondering wanderer

Thanks for the feedback! 😀

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