The road to Nagarkot from the backseat of a van

6 07 2011

Nagarkot, where the group of friends I was with had hoped to catch a glimpse of the sunrise over the top of the world, is a hill station that lies some 32 kilometres east of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. Sitting at an elevation of some 2,195 metres, it reputedly offers the visitor a magnificent panorama, not just of the highest mountains in the world to the east, but also of the Kathmandu valley to the west. And, it was with the promise of that, that we had long before our visit, decided that we should break away from Kathmandu for a day and head up to Nagarkot for an overnight stay.

Nagarkot, besides offering a view of the rooftop of the world, also offers a view of the surrounding foothills in and around the Kathmandu Valley.

The dusty and bumpy road to Nagarkot is one that first rises gradually from the ancient town of Bhaktapur, before there is a dramatic change in gradient further on. It is one which on the steeper part of the ascent, that provides a wonderful view of the hills around, many with terraced slopes that from which the valued long grained variety of rice is harvested from. And as I am usually inclined to do when seated in the back seat of a car or in this case a van, I tried to capture the scenes on the road to the top as best I could, managing a photograph whenever the van slowed to negotiate a bend. And so, through the series of photographs that I managed on the bumpy road … I am now able to share that the long, winding and dusty road to Nagarkot seen from the backseat of a van with anyone that is willing to take the road with me …

The road to Nagarkot begins from Bhaktapur east of Kathmandu ...

The landscape changes with the gradual rising of the bumpy and dusty road to Nagarkot.

Still on the initial part of the climb which is marked by the lush greenery that lines the road.

The road starts to rise more steeply and provides a wonderful view of the slopes below.

Terraces come into view as the road rises further.

Another view downslope.

Negotiating a sharp bend.

Houses perched on the slope.

Looking down at the road we taken.

A shack by the roadside.

Women with loads that are supported by their heads and necks struggling up the steep gradient.

The landscape changes dramatically as we climb higher ...

Another van and a car following the van we were in up the narrow and winding road.

The changing landscape.

The approach into Nagarkot.

The view from Nagarkot Village.

The best view on the bus.

And 45 minutes after we started the ascent ... our destination ...

but, not before a little bit of work that needed to be done ...

An out of the backseat view of the Peaceful Cottage and the Cafe do Mont ... there was apparently more work to be done!



2 responses

7 07 2011
Catherine Lim

my constant refrain at the peak of health was “are we there yet?” and my guide always said yes almost which was like 2 hours later……

8 07 2011
Hsiao Huey

Hello Jerome

Yr Nepal posting brought back many beautiful memories of my trips to Nepal (twice) 10 yrs ago, when I was much younger!! I been to Annarpurna region and near Kathmandu region, for trekking trips. Nice place!!!!!

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