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The Green Corridor is an idea that is was mooted by the Nature Society (Singapore) (NSS) to keep the railway corridor which extends through much of Singapore as a continuous green corridor, one that the railway has allowed thrive amidst the wave of urbanisation that has swept across much of the Singapore that the railway corridor runs through. A proposal was submitted to the Government of Singapore last October in which the NSS proposes that the corridor be allowed to be retained once railway operations through Singapore stops with the shifting of the terminal station of the Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) in Singapore, to Woodlands. The idea also extends to the disused Jurong extension, part of which is currently under threat from the construction of a new road in the Faber Heights area near Clementi.

The NSS’ proposal can be found at this link. More information on the Green Corridor can also be found at The Green Corridor (website). You can also show your support for the Green Corridor by “liking” the We Support the Green Corridor Facebook Page.

Explorations around the Green Corridor:

The railway line around the Bukit Timah area

Impressions and memories of the railway line in what was a rural part of Singapore. This post is also featured on asia! Through Asian Eyes (Stories of Asia beyond the headlines).

Level Crossings

A childhood fascination for level crossings and childhood memories of the area around Bukit Panjang where the last major level crossing in Singapore is.

Part 1 of a walk down the railway line

A Sunday morning spent walking down much of the route down the new Downtown Line from ten mile junction to Bukit Timah Station and rediscovering the lost countryside around the old railway line.

Part 2 of a walk down the railway line

A Sunday morning spent walking down much of the route down the new Downtown Line from ten mile junction to Bukit Timah Station and revisiting the mysteries of the area around Hillview and the Old Ford Factory as well as an old landmark.

Part 3 of a walk down the railway line

The last leg of the trek from the site of the giant Green Spot bottle (at was the Amoy Canning factory), past the site of the former Yeo Hiap Seng factory, to a very green spot in Singapore – the very rustic Bukit Timah Railway Station.

The three Level Crossings of the far north

Discovering more of Singapore’s forgotten countryside where the three northernmost level crossings at Kranji, Sungei Kadut and Stagmont Ring Road are located.

A walk through part of the disused Jurong Line

A walk of rediscovery through the green spaces that stretched from Teban Gardens to Sunset Way that reminded me so much the the rural landscape of old Singapore.

A second walk through the disused Jurong Line

Another walk through the green spaces of the disused Jurong Line from Teban Gardens to Sunset Way during which work to remove the line was evident in the Faber Heights area.

A guided walk through the area from Bukit Timah Station to Old Holland Road

A walk guided by Ms Margie Hall of the NSS through the green spaces between Bukit Timah and Ulu Pandan on a portion the main line as part of the Green Corridor Forum that was held on 14 May 2011.

One last dance on the railway through the green corridor

A last weekend of train operations through Singapore as the railway prepares for life after Tanjong Pagar.

A send off at the weekend for our old friends …

A send off by Singaporeans and supporters of the Green Corridor which included Denise Keller, for the wonderful railway and the people behind the railway on the final weekend.

The Morning After

A walk in the morning after the last day of the railway’s operations through Singapore that took me from Holland Road to The Rail Mall.

A Trek with the Minister of State for National Development on 9 July 2011

A trek led by the Minister of State for National Development, BG Tan Chuan-Jin from Silat Estate to Rail Mall during which thoughts on the possible development of a green spine along the former railway corridor was discussed.


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