A reminder of a world we long have discarded

10 05 2013

A road that featured in the many drives that my father made to Changi, was Tampines Road. Once described as Singapore’s longest road, the road is today 5 kilometres shorter than it then was, having been truncated in part by the construction of the Tampines Expressway (TPE) over the eastern end of the road. The road today, bears little resemblance to the seemingly endless rural road, the northern most bend of which ran along the boundary of Paya Lebar International Airport. The road featured many kampongs (villages) and also several fishing ponds which have all since vanished. All that seems left now to remind of that long lost world is the airport – now an air base.

A peek at a world left behind.

A window into a little piece of Tampines Road which the time seems to have been left behind.

A motor and tyre workshop dominates much of an area where time seems to stand very still.

A motor and tyre workshop dominates much of an area where time seems to stand very still.

Another reminder of that old Tampines Road, is a slice of its more recent past. This lies seemingly forgotten, just off what used to be the 9¾ milestone of the old Tampines Road, and close to a cluster of temple complexes, which if memory serves me right, cropped up from the 1970s. Just north of the temple cluster is a remnant of the old Hun Yeang Village, a name now only remembered by a short section of Hun Yeang Road that still exists. This would have been in the area of Hun Yeang Community Centre and the Tampines Veterinary Clinic, all of which have since disappeared. What is left is a rather dilapidated looking row of shophouses from the village’s recent past, in which a tyre dealer and motor workshop seems the busiest. The workshop and the shophouse rows seems caught in a time warp, lying somewhere between the past and the present, and a reminder of a suburban Singapore of the 1970s.

The row of shophouses at Hun Yeang Road.

The row of shophouses at Hun Yeang Road.

A scene which resembles that of the semi-urban rural world of the 1970s.

A scene which resembles that of the semi-urban rural world of the 1970s.

The area to the left was where the Community Centre once was, and to the right where the vet clinic was.

The area to the left was where the Community Centre once was, and to the right where the vet clinic was.

What perhaps is most interesting, was the man who gave his name to road and the village, Khoo Hun Yeang. A prominent Penang born businessman who lived from 1860 to 1917, Khoo, worked on his father’s coconut plantation on the mainland side of Penang before venturing into other businesses. He was to also join the Opium and Spirit revenue farm in Penang in which his father was a partner. He would also become a Managing Partner (from 1899) and Managing Director (from 1902 to 1906) of the Opium and Spirit Farms in Singapore. The farms, revenue farms, were licenses granted through a tender for the collection of taxes on behalf of the then Straits Settlements government for items that the government regulated and maintained a monopoly on. Those that were related to opium and spirits were especially lucrative. Khoo left the Opium and Spirit Farms in 1906 and moved to Kuching where he was involved in the construction business. Khoo’s association with the Tampines area came through his purchase of a 81 ha. fruit and rubber plantation in 1913. Tragically, Khoo passed away in a motor accident in 1917 in Medan, where he had gone to seek medical treatment. He was then buried in Penang.

Truck tyres dominate the scene in front of the row of shophouses.

Truck tyres in front of the row of shophouses.

That time would catch up with what’s left of the former Hun Yeang Village, there is little doubt. But, until that happens, this little piece of the past will be one I can hold on to, though not as a place that I have interacted with, but one in which I am reminded of that old, familiar and gentle world I had grown to love as child;  a world that I would never ever be able to return to.


Images related to Tampines Primary School / Hun Yeang Village provided by hoosiers:

Tampines Primary School Crest / Badge.

Tampines Primary School Crest / Badge.

Members of the Staff, 1968.

Members of the Staff, 1968.

Members of the Staff, 1982.

Members of the Staff, 1982.

This gentleman was our senior assistant then. I got to meet him during this CNY for the first time since 1977 (37 yrs later). Pretty overwhelming..

This gentleman was our senior assistant then.
I got to meet him during this CNY for the first time since 1977 (37 yrs later). Pretty overwhelming..

The mere sight of this turquoise Ford Anglia will strike fear in every pupil of TPS as it means the Senior Assistant cum Discipline Master is around somewhere in the school..

The mere sight of this turquoise Ford Anglia will strike fear in every pupil of TPS as it means the Senior Assistant cum Discipline Master is around somewhere in the school..




Map showing location of Hun Yeang Village.

Map showing location of Hun Yeang Village.

Excursion to Paya Lebar Airport.

Excursion to Paya Lebar Airport.




30 responses

10 05 2013

Thanks Jerome for that wonderful information on the origins of the name Hun Yeang. Just wonder if he was related to Khoo Seok Wan, the revolutionary, poet cum scholar that was buried at Bukit Brown! Hun Yeang village was certainly a very prosperous and crowded centre in its hey days.

My alma mater, Tampines Primary was located about 2km deeper into the village via Tampines Ave. The school sits on top of a hill amidst the rubber plantations, cow farms and sand quarries. The six years of my life here was easily the best and most memorable. Talk about catching guppys, spiders, plucking fruits from trees, playing goli, hamtam bolah, softball, they all happened right here. I had some wonderful photos of the school which i visited in the early 80s before it was condoned off as a restricted area (in case you are interested).

Majority of my classmates were staying around Hun Yeang village and they were mostly Ongs. I can still remember road names like Lor Tiwu, Lor Rubah, Jln Sam Kongsi, Jln Bumbum Selatan, Jln Song Song . Some of us with surname Peh tend to reside around 8th mile stone at Lor Baling/Lor Halus (also known as Kampong Teban) and 7th mile stone (Lor Teck Hock, Jalan Haji Karim – current defu industrial area). Others stayed further in at Pasir Ris/Jln Simpah and areas near the Tampines Fishing Pond. Coupled with our brothers and sisters all going to the same schooI, I would think somehow, everyone staying along Tampines Road would be connected or related to one another!

Besides schooling, I love to cycle to the highest point of Lorong Halus to watch the planes land and take off in the evening. I can remember everyone single airline by the logos on the plane then! And I can never forget when the concord first landed here and her take offs too. The supersonic sound was distinct and piercing to the ears! Even our fowls, dogs and cats were perturbed!

There is so much to talk about the good old times but i shall leave it here for the time being.

Thanks for the share again…

10 05 2013
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

Thanks for sharing all that hoosiers! Didn’t realise you were from the area. I don’t believe that Khoo Hun Yeang and Khoo Seok Wan are closely related. Does seem like you’d had a wonderful time growing up! The photos would certainly be nice to look at – wish I had thought about taking photographs of places before they disappeared back then. I once participated in a hike when I was in the scouts which took me through the area south of Tampines Road, ending up close to Hun Yeang Village before we made our way up to Elias Road and Pasir Ris – was probably the only time I had the opportunity to see the area as it was up close – don’t remember too much except for a mate falling into a cesspool – his buddy refused to share a tent with him that evening!

13 10 2013
Robert Yeap

Hello Friend! I m interested in finding out more of Hun Yeang village, in particular a Sam Kongsi was sited there- does it still exist? Did Khoo Hun Yeang build it? Is the full name of that building the Sam Quay Tong Kongsi?
Hope u can help, m from Penang n researching on this illustrious son of Penang who helped build Spore n straits settlements, thks! Rgds, robertY

18 06 2014
Joseph Ong

Interestingly Sam Kongsi is still there. The road leading all the way to bedok reservoir. can explore but must go through a small bush at the start from the main road.

13 10 2013
Robert Yeap

Hello Hoosiers, i wonder if u can kindly tell me more of Jalan Sam Kongsi; was there a temple or clan house by name Sam Quayle Tong? I suppose the building does not exist now, if u could refer me to the Trustees or anyone connected to it i would b most grateful , thks robertY

10 02 2018

Hi Hoosiers,

I read your comments and I am thrilled to read Lor Teck Hock and Jln Haji Karim which are closely connected to the book project that I am presently undertaking. There was another street name, Lor Muallap. Lor Teck Hock was sandwiched between Lor Muallap and Jln Haji Karim. Both Lor Teck Hock and Lor Muallap were in the Teck Hock Village and he owned acres of land in the Teban district which included the current Paya Lebar airbase. If you know people who lived in Lor Teck Hock, Jln haji Karim and Lor Muallap, I appreciate if you or anyone here can connect them with me.

Thank you Jerome for blogging this.

3 11 2019

Hi I m a student of Tampines School 1968–1974. I m staying @Lor. Muallap.

10 05 2013
Francis Ang

If no mentioned was made on Old Tampines Road, the pictures can teleport one to any ulu part in Johore. 🙂 Nearby used to be Jalan Ang Siang Kong, and undulating and gravel track which would lead one to Pasir Ris beach of old…of course this road has been erased from the map of Singapore.

10 05 2013

Yeah Francis, I remember this road name too. Indeed all these side roads along Tampines were very dusty, nothing of asphalt. Just wonder if the name sake was due to existence of Chinese temples there (Siang Kong sounds like 仙宫in Hokkien). Incidentally, there was a cinema called 仙宫 Zenith Theatre located on the present day Fortune Park condo too.

I also recalled a amusement park called Golden Palace in the Elias Road area. It has a big pond with paddle boat rentals and some up scale restaurant I think…

30 09 2013
Aik LikesHuat

Thanks Jerome Lim n guys ..
During 1975-1983, I was an ex student at Old Tampines Primary School . Then, I used to bash through the kampong from 8-miles through the provision shop opp then called ‘ Ti Gong Jua” in order to reach my old primary school. There was lots of memory but I failed to get any pictures of the village n school memory. By the way, I believe you still remember the small provision shop at the foot of the hill top where the then old TPS situated. . At Hun Yeang road , there were street hawkers selling char kway teow, sugar juice etc … w few housed tables n chairs. It really nostalgic n great memory to recall n recollect all thiese related pictures and would appreciate if you could share your memory and pictures . Thank you very much

14 10 2013

Hi Aik LikesHuat,
Yes I remembered “Ti Gong Jua”, there was a prominent permanent wayang stage fronting the road. A couple of my classmates stayed deep in the dusty and sandy track then. You mentioned about 8-mile, were you staying there at Kampong Teban too? Guess what? the owner of the old provision shop you mentioned was my classmate’s grandfather! (a pretty grumpy old man in my memory). I was there from 1972-1977 and recently got reconnected with our class of 77 after losing touch for more than 30 years!! if you could provide an email address, would be glad to share some pictures with you.

Hi Robert,
I could only recalled that Jalan Sam Kongsi was also a very long, dusty and sandy road. I also had friends staying deep inside. It could very well end up where Bedok Reservoir is now. I am sure there were temples around then, just that I was too young to remember their names. Sorry that I couldn’t help.

28 02 2017
Soon Thiam

Dear Hoosiers,

I studied there from 73-78 so we just missed each other by 1 year. Wonder if you know anyone during that period?

Do drop me an email.

28 02 2014

Hi Hoosiers,
I used to live in Lor Rubah when I was a kid.
I would like to look at the photos. Could you send to me?

26 04 2014

Thanks for posting the pictures of Tampines Primary School and map ^_^.

7 02 2021
Garmit Kaur

Hi Quinn,
I used to live at Lor Rubah too. Do you have any pic of that area-the village. I was at Tampines Pri from 1972 to 1977

28 02 2014
Robert Yeap

Hi, if anyone remember stories from their parents or grandparents about what Han Yeang Village looks like or any temples or building contributed by Khoo Han Yeang to the community, kindly share with us. I believe the unplanned village arose from the 160 acres of fruit plantation bought by Hun Yeang in 1910 or thereabouts but was ‘dispersed’ upon his death in 1917. Rgds, robertY

9 04 2014

Hi everyone!
Thanks for your sharing. I was also an ex-student of old Tampines Primary School in 1973 -1979. As a young kid I used to live in Jalan Bumbun Selatan and my parents used to workship in a temple nearby which I was too young to know the temple name. Just not sure is this the temple you guys are taking about, this temple is now named Tampines Chinese Temple and was moved ti Tampines St.21.
Helen 🙂

28 02 2017
Soon Thiam

Hi Helen,

We were classmates before since I also studied there from 73-78. I remember that there were 3 classes, right?

I have worked overseas most of my adult life and lost contact with old classmates. Please drop an email to me.


9 04 2014
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

Some photographs related to Hun Yeang Village and Tampines Primary School provided by hoosiers have been added to the post. 🙂

11 04 2014

Thanks Jerome for putting up the pictures.

Fellow alumni of TPS, Helen and Aik Huat, we might have crossed each other’s path before. Would like to share the news that my class of 77 is organizing a first ever TPS gathering for all her ex-students on 10 Aug 2014. So far some 8 to 9 ex-teachers have been invited and had expressed their interest to attend and we are working to increase that list. Are both of you still in contact with your primary school classmates? Will you be keen to attend? Please help spread the news to your ex-mates too..


22 06 2014
Sabrina Chew

Hi all
I used to live in Jalan Bumbun Selatan. I am a TPS alumni too. But earlier than most of you.

Thanks, Jerome et al for putting up the photos. It brings back so much memories for me. It was easily the happiest time of my life. My brother and 2 sisters are all TPS alumni.

If any one knows any TPS alumni from late 60s to early 70s please drop me a line. I would love to catch up with them.

I still remember Mr Foo in the photo. He used to carry a cane and walk around the school. He striked terror in our hearts back then! Hahaha!

24 01 2019
Michelle Tan

Hi Sabrina, I just come across this article. I used to live at Jalan Bumbun Selatan for 7 years as a kid. And I attended my P1 in 1981 at Tampines Primary school. My few brothers whom are few years older than me also attended the same school. They can recognised some of the teachers!

23 06 2014

Hi Sabrina,

Glad that the photos brought back many memories for you.

Guess you should be in the class of 71 or 73.

Please do let me know if you and your siblings are keen to join the TPS Reunion on 10th Aug at the SICC. I am very sure you will be able to see some familiar faces and do some catch up. As of date, more than 10 ex-teachers had also confirmed their attendance. These include Mr Low, Mr Heng, Mr Lean, Mr and Mrs Tng, Ms Lucy Tan, Ms Judy Yeo, Ms Foo, Ms Ong, chinese teachers Mdm Tay, Mr Tan & Mr Lee, We are trying to get Mr Foo on board too. We were targeting about a 100 in strength but the list is still growing..


23 06 2014
Sabrina Chew

Hi Hoosiers

I left TPS in 1972. I have lost touch with all my classmates unfortunately.

If Miss Lucy Tan is who I think she is, I will definitely be there. She was my favourite teacher. She was my P2 form teacher.

My younger sister is from the class of 75. My other sister is from class of 69 and my brother class of 67.

Please advise if there are people who are from these earlier classes of 67, 69 and 72 attending the gathering. Thanks vm.



8 08 2014
Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer

A message from Alvin who is working with NHB on a heritage trail for Tampines:

“Hi all,

I’m working with the NHB on a heritage trail for Tampines, and I’m looking for anyone with memories of the area to share. Whether it’s stories and recollections of farming era Tampines or HDB era Tampines after the 1970s, I’d be most glad to hear from you.

Memories of local landmarks, shops, farms, personalities, events, history, schools, places of play, kampongs and villages, plantations, wayang stages etc will help us produce a trail truly reflective of the area’s culture.

If you have a memory to share, or if you have an elderly relative who used to stay in Tampines, please send me a message or email at alvin@distilleryfy.com. All memories used for the trail booklet will be credited.”

(see: Facebook Post)

8 09 2014
Jasmine Toh

Hi, Jerome thks for the article. I studied in Tampines Pr School too. It certainly brought back memories…Unfortunately I have lost contact with all my classmates, I am from the class of ’75. I only remembered my primary 3 teacher, Ms Toh who scolded us for not being able to spell. She said the only job left for us is to be the night soil worker. I stayed in Lorong Rubah & used to cycle to Pasir Ris, now I stay at Ellias Road. We used to go to the temples to watch the opera bringing along our own chairs. I always wonder where Lorong Rubah is now? Anyone can share?

5 01 2018

Dear TPS alumni and friends of Tampines,

Attached herewith link to the Tampines Heritage Trail from NHB for your recollection:

Since our first mass gathering in 2014, we will be organising a luncheon for TPS alumni on the 25th Feb 2018 from 12-4pm at the SICC. The cost is $80 per pax. Please do contact me if you are interested to attend.

Much apologies Jerome for using your platform to reach out.


12 03 2018

Sorry just saw this site, left ’70 where there was 3 FOO in same class but 2 don’t speak Hainaness. Remember, I was occasionally called to raises the National Flag during assembly but don’t remember the concrete pavement below the TS n stairs. Anyone remember the Malay School Clerk in scooter. Nice guy.

I am very sure the date stamp 2012 was not the year those pictures were taken. I went back when 72 n 73 during their sport days. I still remember I was in GREEN House. But during later visits, the road was blocked.

By the way I believe we were the very first batch of Scout with Ms Lucy n Ms Ong our Scout Chief.

And to brag, I bet you may not be aware, we Tampines 2019 came in FIRST both in Serangoon district and National Champion in Reef knots relay


7 12 2020

Hi I was from Tampines Pri school too. I’m trying to find Ms Toh, do you have any news of her?

19 02 2021
Lim Yao Ching

I studied in Tampines Primary School from 1970 to 1975 (Pri 1 to 5). Recently, I managed to connect with some classmates.
We would like to connect with our former teachers and seek your assistance in providing their contact numbers. Thanks.

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